Logic Apps error: "Newer version of resource 'xxxxxx' exists. Data was not saved"

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We have a logic app which is used to lookup domain in VirusTotal and close the ticket if the returned score is >10. However majority of the run history is failed. The error message is 

"Newer version of resource 'xxxxxx' exists. Data was not saved".
I see the post which recommends to tune the Concurrency Control and i set it to max value as below. However it did not solve the issue. Could anyone help please?








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Since you're doing this in a for-each loop, and there's bound to be multiple writes to your incident, you'll need to set the concurrency to 1, in the same way you'd have to do so if you were setting a variable inside of a for-each.


You _can_ tune it so that it _could_ be more than just 1 but I've not had good results in having 100% success rate when writing back to an incident like this.

It's a bit like in the old days when you might've had two people writing to an SPO document at the same time and result in a conflict.

No matter the concurrency is 1 or 50, the automation could not always work (most of the time is failed). I create the alert for each result so i am not sure why it would have this concurrent write issue. Even though i resubmit the result for one of the failed record, it is still failed in the second attempt lol...


Were you able to find a resolution to this problem?  I am having the same issue


In my automation, it is resolved after my removing either "add comment to incident" or "update Incident" in the same branch. I am guessing these 2 action will operate the same ticket which cause the issue.