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Good Night..My Name is Lloyd John. I would like to learn Azure Sentinel..I am looking to further my Security Experience, where it will allow me to re-enter the Job Market.


Please advice where i can start this Journey.







Lloyd John

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@Bigpraff2526  It is great to hear that you looking to be part of the cyber security community. But let me start with answering your question in a different way. What is Sentinel ? Its a SIEM and SOAR solution and helps you instantly identify threats which other wise are individual low level alerts. So learning Sentinel will not help you much what you need to comprehend is that what is Sentinel , or in that matter any security solution trying to alert you regarding. Try to visualize and alert what could be happening in the back end , what could be the reason for it , can it be a false positive etc. 

@Bigpraff2526 There are also a couple of books out on Azure Sentinel:

Microsoft Azure Sentinel: Planning and Implementing Microsoft's cloud-native SIEM solution: https://www.amazon.com/Microsoft-Azure-Sentinel-implementing-cloud-native/dp/0136485456/ref=sxts_sxw...


Learn Azure Sentinel: https://www.amazon.com/Learn-Azure-Sentinel-artificial-intelligence/dp/183898092X/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?dc...

(For full disclosure I am a co-author of this book)

@Gary Bushey 



thank you very much for your assistance. I am on a Journey into IT Security and my mentor and friends in the Industry recommended after some careful consideration...I like the security part of IT and I'm studying and learning and Re-Educating myself....Have a safe and purposeful week for your and your family.