Defender for Cloud Connector Status - misleading

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In Sentinel, the Defender for Cloud connector has a column for Defender Plans which shows "Some Enabled" for all of the subscriptions, when I go the Enable All link, everything is enabled. Is this working for others?

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Hi @Dean Gross 

And if you go to Defender for Cloud -> Environment Settings and select one of the subscriptions, will it then show up as all enabled??


In my experience it usually tells the truth. If all components are set to On, it will show up as "All enabled" in the Microsoft Defender for Cloud data connector.


Here is one subscription with All enabled and one with only 10 of 12 components activated.


/Kenneth ML

Yes, MDC is accurately showing that 12/12 plans are enabled. The problem is limited to the MDC connector in Sentinel which is stating that some are enabled, which is not accurate.