Cannot add custom log - fails at final step entering name.

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Hi All,


I'm having trouble pulling a custom log from a Linux server, hosted on Azure.  OMS is talking fine.

When I go to Work space settings > advanced settings > Custom Logs, it fails to add at the last step.  I think it's because I cannot edit the "Name" field on the final step, I can add/edit the description though.  The Next button stays dim :(


Custom Log - Azure Sentinel.png.




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OK it's working, user error (me).

The _CL cannot be removed, you have to prepend a title, in my case "Cowrie_honeypot_CL".


Also as a side note, struggled getting the OMS agent installed initially, copying the one-liner installer failed and running "/opt/microsoft/omsagent/bin/ -l" showed no work spaces listed.  Ran " -X" and then " -w xxx -s xxx" got it working, a work space was listed then and good to go.

@Neil Williams 


Awesome to hear you got this taken care of, thanks for sharing your feedback.