Azure Monitor Workbooks unable to read parameters on graphs

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I'd read the article to set interactive parameters  and it worked for Grid, Tiles and Graph, but when I pick another visualization, it won't work. This happens with all the tables I'd try.


One of the queries I am using to export parameters:


where TimeGenerated {TimeRange}
summarize count() by AlertSeverity
Fig. 1- Parameters setting:
Query I use to project the exported parameters:
where TimeGenerated {TimeRange}
where AlertSeverity =='{P_AlertSeverity}' or 'All alert severities' =='{P_AlertSeverity}'
summarize Count=count() by CompromisedEntitySeverity='{P_AlertSeverity}'
top 5 by Count
Fig. 2- As a Grid, it works (as well as Tiles and Graphs):
Fig. 3-When I select the Pie chart (Or any of the Bar charts), it won't work:
Fig. 4- If I go to the Chart Settings and I change the "Legend Settings" to "Show series legend" is the same, but if I unselect the legends, I am able to capture the default value:
Where do I need to set the parameters to click over the Low, Medium or High and get the list I see in the Fig. 2- ?
It works on Grid, Tiles and Graph, it doesn't on in Pie and Bar charts. Didn't try with the others.
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You need to export the "series" or "x" or "y" for Charts.  

Screenshot 2021-01-21 095344.jpg


You can then use the exported parameter in a following Query, e.g.


| summarize dcount(QueryText) by '{expRequestClientApp}'


@CliveWatson It worked great, many thanks!