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Microsoft Sentinel Ninja Training - the March 2022 update
Published Mar 31 2022 08:57 AM 14.1K Views

It's time for another update of the Microsoft Sentinel Ninja training! (you can access the Ninja training blog here)


In this post we will list the new and updated modules with new features for the ninja training. To keep up to date with all the new features being released in Microsoft Sentinel, make sure you regularly monitor our what's new page.


Microsoft Sentinel Ninja Training Certification Update


Did you take the September 2021 knowledge check and get a certificate? We've updated the knowledge check with new questions if you want to challenge yourself again or if it's your first time taking the test and you score over 80%, you can fill in the self-attestation form to receive a Microsoft Sentinel Ninja Training certification.


Note: it can take up to one business day for you to receive your certificate via email.


New and updated modules 


New modules that cover new functionalities area in Microsoft Sentinel: 

  • Module W: Log Transformation

Also, some modules have been expanded: 

  • Module 4: Data Collection - Added content about the Codeless Connector Platform
  • Module 5: Log Management - Added content about Ingest, Archive, Search and Restore


New and updated webinars


  • Module 4: Data Collection - A new webinar covering Codeless Connector, and Modernize Log Management with the Maturity Model.
  • Module 6: Enrichment: TI, Watchlists, and more - A new webinar that covers Automate Your Microsoft Sentinel Triage Efforts with RiskIQ Threat Intelligence and a new webinar for Using Watchlists to Manage Alerts, Reduce Alert Fatigue, and Improve SOC Efficiency.
  • Module Z: ASIM and Normalization - A new webinar that covers ASIM scenarios.
  • Module Y: Notebooks - A new webinar for more Jupyter Notebook Ninja scenarios.
  • Module 14: User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) - A new webinar that covers the present and the future of User Entity Behavioral Analytics in Sentinel. 


Microsoft Sentinel webinars coming soon


  • April 7 - Microsoft Sentinel | Manage Your Log Lifecycle with New Methods for Ingestion, Archival, Search, and Restoration
  • April 28 - Microsoft Sentinel | Unleash the Power of Analytics to Strengthen Your SOC Against Threats
  • May 10 - Microsoft Sentinel | Microsoft Sentinel Automation: Tips and Tricks

  • May 31 - Microsoft Sentinel | Transforming Data at Ingestion Time in Microsoft Sentinel

  • June 23 - Microsoft Sentinel | Leverage New and Existing Features to Optimize Costs in Microsoft Sentinel

  • June 28 - Microsoft Sentinel | Codeless Connector Platform: Create Your Data Connector in Microsoft Sentinel


You can sign up for webinars here. Please note that the registration links will be made available approximately two weeks before the webinar. Until then, all dates are tentative.

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