Azure Web Application Firewall(WAF) integration in Copilot for Security
Published May 21 2024 11:18 AM 992 Views

With the Azure WAF in Copilot for Security integration, security and IT teams can move faster, and focus on high value tasks.  The Copilot summarizes data and generates in-depth contextual insights into the WAF threat landscape. This enables analysts to determine if the WAF policy is blocking a request it should not have blocked, or if their WAF policy needs to be fine-tuned. It results in time and cost savings since Copilot can reason over terabytes of data in a matter of minutes, not hours or days.

Azure WAF capabilities available in the standalone Copilot for Security experience are: Get Top Rules Triggered, Get Top Blocks By IP, Get SQLi Blocks By WAF, and Get XSS Blocks By WAF


Full details can be obtained here: Azure WAF integration in Copilot for Security – Protect web applications using Gen AI

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