Security baseline for Microsoft Edge v83
Published May 26 2020 08:00 AM 11.8K Views

Microsoft is pleased to announce the enterprise-ready release of the security baseline for v83 of Microsoft Edge.


We have reviewed the new settings in version 83 of Microsoft Edge and determined that no new security settings are required. The settings recommended in the version 80 baseline will continue to be the security baseline for version 83! This means we will not be releasing our typical package. We continue to welcome feedback through the Baselines Discussion site.


Version 83 of Microsoft Edge adds 19 new computer- and user-based settings. There are now 311 enforceable Computer Configuration policy settings and 286 User Configuration policy settings. Using our streamlined approach, our baseline remains at 12 Group Policy settings. We have attached a spreadsheet with the new settings to make it easier for you to find them.


The version 80 package continues to be available as part of the Security Compliance Toolkit. Like all our baseline packages, this package includes:

  • Importable GPOs
  • A script to apply the GPOs to local policy
  • A script to import the GPOs into Active Directory Group Policy
  • A spreadsheet documenting all recommended settings in spreadsheet form (minus the version 83 settings that are attached to this blog)
  • Policy Analyzer rules
  • GP Reports

In case you aren’t aware, all the available settings for Microsoft Edge are documented here.  Additionally, Microsoft Edge Update settings are documented here.


One ask to the community, we are trying to determine how often we should update the baseline package on the Download Center for Microsoft Edge if new security settings have not been added and would like your feedback.  Do you think we should update it quarterly, just to keep it fresh, or only when new settings get added?

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