Microsoft Policy Analyzer not working

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Hi all,


every time I try to run the Policy Analyzer v.3.2.1803.28001 on my Win 10 1809 the tool fails to read the local registry or the local policy despite having local admin rights.


Error message: An error occured while parsing EntityName. Line 156, position 82.


Anybody else getting that message or any idea how to overcome? Even if I log on with my admin account I get the same message.


Thx & BR

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@Daniel_Schmitz_FNC - can you run Process Monitor and identify which keys it can't read?


FWIW, the next version of Policy Analyzer will drop "Compare local registry" and "Local policy" and replace them with a "Compare to Effective State" feature.

@Aaron MargosisRan into an issue with that functionality as well, and it turned out that the Policy Analyzer isn't code signed.


For that next version, can we get the app and components digitally signed by Microsoft?

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The versions of Policy Analyzer that have been published with the Security Compliance Toolkit have always been digitally signed by Microsoft. You might have a very old version.

@Aaron MargosisAhh ... there's nothing like being an early adopter of a tool ... ( it was file version 3.1.6139.4918 ) :cool: