Microsoft Search for classic SharePoint pages - rolling out


Hi everyone,


Wanted to announce that Microsoft Search for classic SharePoint pages is now rolling out to Targeted Release. We are at 100% Targeted Release users, and by next week, we hope to be at 100% Targeted Release tenants as well. Give this a try with your TR users today!


This feature brings the Microsoft Search experience to uncustomized classic team sites, which results in higher search success outcomes according to our metrics. And if you have customizations on classic team sites or publishing sites, you can choose to opt in to use the Microsoft Search experience with a quick PowerShell command.


See the  documentation we have here for details: Classic pages in SharePoint Online and Microsoft Search | Microsoft Docs.


We expect to complete the roll out beyond Targeted Release into production tenants by end of February.

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This is now available to Targeted Release users and tenants.

We have started rolling out to Production, we expect to complete the roll out next week.


If you are using a custom masterpage with Bootstrap, and are planning to opt-into using Microsoft Search, you may need to override some default css styles that clash with the Microsoft Search search box. Let us know if you run into this issue.

The roll out for this is complete!
When is the estimated roll out for GCC High?