What's new for Microsoft Graph connectors, August 2022 Update
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From the Microsoft Graph connectors team.


Microsoft Graph connectors allow you to bridge your disparate data sources into Microsoft 365, giving you access to what you need, wherever you’re working. Using Graph Connectors, you can bring in information from SaaS systems or on-prem file-shares or servers into Microsoft 365. By having all your content accessible in endpoints like SharePoint, Office.com and Bing.com, you reduce the overhead of context switching by keeping the information you need at your fingertips.


What’s New?

CSV Connector – This out of box Microsoft Graph connector has now been released to General Availability. The CSV Graph connector allows your organization to ingest content from CSV files stored in SharePoint libraries and Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS). After you configure the connector and index content from these sources, end users can find items ingested from CSV files in Microsoft Search. This connector enables admins to configure connections with custom schemas unique to the CSV files for ingestion, along with options to have these properties searchable, retrievable, queryable and refinable. To learn more, see our documentation.




Intranet Connector - The Intranet or Enterprise Websites connector has multiple new features:


1. Expression based enrichment: Enables search admins to use regular expressions on existing crawl properties to generate a new custom schema that is indexed along with the rest of the schema.




2. Express setup: Allows admins easily explore the Intranet connector, by enabling setup of the vertical and Modern Result Type (MRT) with just one click on a single page. Admins retain the ability to switch to advanced setup mode if required.




3.  Site minder authentication support: Websites that are using Site Minder are now supported in both Cloud and Agent mode Intranet Connections.


Illustration_4.png4. Meta tag support: This feature crawls site pages and fetches meta tags from the websites, then provides options for the admin to promote these properties as searchable, retrievable, refinable and queryable.




5. Multi-site support: This feature enables admins to configure up to 20 URLs to be crawled in one single Intranet Website connection.




Salesforce Connector – The Salesforce connector can now ingest Activities, which enables the connector content to participate in the working set. The working set is used to provide suggestions to end users for content they’ve interacted with in Office Hub, as well as providing query formulation (QF) suggestions for Microsoft Search in Bing. To learn more about this connector, see our documentation.




SharePoint Connector – The SharePoint connector has been updated with custom list support and support for multi-site collection crawling.






Other updates – We’ve also introduced support for custom refiners, available for all Graph Connectors. Custom refiners allow search admin to select managed properties and create filters for end users to refine their queries. This helps end users narrow their search results to only the most relevant content.




Image: Sample custom refiner on a file share connector, which uses the filename managed property to filter results.


What’s next?

We have a few exciting previews available for you to try:


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is now available for Private Preview in the following Connectors Azure Data Lake and File Share Connector. Using this preview, you can search for typed or handwritten text, which is extracted from images.


Connectors Query Formulation (QF) is now available for Private Preview. This preview will intelligently suggest connected content as you type, reducing clicks and helping you find

relevant content more quickly.




Image: Sample Query Formulation, searching for “Rahul Scrat” shows suggestion to open “Rahul Scratchpad” in the Figma connector.

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