New Answer Analytics in Microsoft Search Usage Reports
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Answer Analytics in Microsoft Search usage reports

Whether you're searching for people, files, organization charts, sites, or answers to common questions, you can always use Microsoft Search throughout your workday to get answers. As Search administrators for your organization, you can configure editorial answers such as bookmarks, acronyms and Q&A within the Search and Intelligence admin portal. This will help users find the right content to complete their tasks in the apps where they’re already working.

In addition to providing you with capabilities to create Answers, we are excited to announce that we have now started providing usage analytics for these Answers. This report is now available under Microsoft 365 admin center | Settings | Search & intelligence | Overview | Answer Analytics section.


Looking for the most popular answer types in your organization? Analytics usage reports has the data!

The answer impressions graph gives a split of bookmark, acronym and Q&A impressions within your organization. You can now use this graph to understand the most popular answer type within your organization and use it to decide which answer type to create for solving search abandonment and no result queries.




Use Answer Analytics reports to improve Bookmarks in your organization

Bookmarks impressions and clicks data is now available at an individual bookmark level. Use this report to understand the bookmarks that are not impressing within your organization and take action to improve the keywords or remove them.


For Bookmarks that have very high impressions and very low clicks, use the queries section to understand the search terms that are causing the bookmark to over trigger and use this to improve the bookmark keywords.




Identifying Answers that need your attention

As Search admins, your job requires you to ensure that your answer inventory is up to date and is helping users find content. The Answer Analytics report provides Average click rate and Average impression numbers for Bookmarks, Acronyms and Q&A respectively to help you quickly identify the answer items that need your attention. If a bookmark is receiving below Average click rate, examine the queries, bookmark title, URL and click numbers to identify if there are duplicates, opportunities to improve the title and definition and whether the URL is working as expected. For Acronyms and Q&A we provide the Average impressions as a benchmark to quickly identify answers that might need improvement.


We also provide the system curated and admin curated acronym split for you to understand the value Microsoft Search provides through intelligent answer curation experience.




We’re as excited as you are about this feature launch and look forward to your feedback and comments below. If you have any questions or clarifications, email us at We’re happy to engage with you and hear your thoughts and feedback!

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