Improvements to Microsoft Search in Bing

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Recently, you may have noticed some changes to the way Microsoft Search in Bing looks. We’ve made some improvements so using Office 365, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Search in Bing is more consistent and familiar. We’ve also redesigned work and web results to provide a more holistic search experience. Here are just a few changes of the changes we've made.


Alignment with Office 365

One goal of Microsoft Search is to make work information easy to find and to provide a search experience that's seamless and familiar everywhere you search.


Wherever you start your search, your top results now look the same and the information is organized in a similar way. We’ve also included a set of related links below the answer. This is a quick way to explore additional information and shows you the types of work-related information you can find, for example 'Megan Bowen’s calendar' and 'Megan Bowen’s organization.'



This change also allowed us to remove the multiple menus that appeared above the card and make it easier for you to find relevant information.


Expanded views

We’ve linked your People card result to your Office profile. To see it, just search for 'me' and click See profile. From your profile, you can:


     a. Get more details: You’ll get more information, including ways people can contact you, people in your organization, your recent files, and recent emails.


      b. Filter files by type: Click the Files tab to see a list of your most recent files. To narrow your results, you can easily filter the list.




      c. Update your profile: To update old or incorrect information, click Update your profile. This link will take you to Delve where you can make any necessary changes.




Additional changes you may notice

To make work results and web results easier to scan, we've removed unnecessary space on the search results page.


Also, depending on your search and the relevancy of the work results we find, you may get an answer or a preview of results. For example, if you search for LinkedIn, you could be looking for the official site or you might want information about LinkedIn Learning programs offered by your organization. In this case, a preview of work results will appear at the top of the results page with web results immediately below. So, no matter on what you want, it's easy to find.




With this redesigned experience, work results are always easily accessible, without being obtrusive.


Have suggestions for ways to improve Microsoft Search in Bing? Let us know! Just click Feedback in work results and tell us what you think.

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