How IT pros saved time, money, and reduced helpdesk headaches with Microsoft Search in Bing

Published Jun 15 2020 03:22 PM 8,414 Views

What improves when your employees can find information on your corporate network as easily as they do on the web? Microsoft Search in Bing is the enterprise search solution that uses insights from the Microsoft Graph to search across your Microsoft 365 content bringing the consumer search experience to work. Best of all, it’s already included with your company’s Microsoft 365 subscription.

Recently, Microsoft commissioned Forrester Research to help quantify the benefits companies saw when they actively used and promoted Microsoft Search in Bing. To do so, Forrester spoke with IT Pros at seven different organizations about how they functioned before and after implementing Microsoft Search in Bing. Based on those findings, Forrester calculated the benefits to organizations over a three-year period, finding companies could:


  • Save between $13-$40M in lost productivity
  • Reduce certain support tickets 30-60%
  • Save up to an additional $1.1M in combined time and money by retiring existing search solutions

Surprised? It’s real. Employees are struggling to manage all the content and information required of them without the right tools. Too often this leads to unnecessary time spent searching, too many clicks to find what they need, or a frustrated employee who gives up and reaches out to the help desk for support. Forrester found that companies actively using Microsoft search in Bing could save each employee 55-82 hours per year otherwise spent searching! Customers shared some of the challenges of making enterprise data discoverable and managing content, saying:


“While tagging works for some organizations, it did not for us. But with Microsoft Search in Bing the relevance is based off the graph and AI, and it is a more effective way for us to get better search results.”

IT pros were able to solve these issues by “bring[ing] the consumer search experience to enterprise search, so that if you just have a few moments to look something up, you just type in the word ‘[portal],’ you get to our portal and then you’re able to see your timesheet, hours, and benefits.”

By promoting Microsoft search in Bing, the study showed IT pros were able to save people time, reduce frustration, and save their company money, creating huge organizational impact. Best of all, they did it using technology they had already deployed in Microsoft 365. To see the product in action check out this video from Microsoft Mechanics.

For a more complete overview of Microsoft Search and how to tailor it for your organization head here.

Additionally, you can find the full Forrester Total Economic Impact report here. You’ll find additional details to help you evaluate Microsoft Search in Bing for your company including:


  • The challenges organizations were facing prior to promoting Microsoft Search in Bing
  • The methodology and full analysis
  • What other IT pros had to say about their experience

As the challenges of accessing content and information are compounded by work from home environments, organizations need new ways to keep their employees informed, productive and able to solve tasks without the assistance of their helpdesk. For example, many companies have been using Microsoft Search in Bing bookmarks to increase the discoverability of their COVID-19 resources. For example, employees who search the term “COVID-19” or “coronavirus” in Bing see web results and news but also an internal SharePoint with their organizations policies and latest updates.

We’re excited to be part of these results and encourage you to try Microsoft Search in Bing today and make an impact on your organization.



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