Higher scale with Graph connectors
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Microsoft Search is a modern, AI-powered search solution for your workplace. You can use Graph connectors with Microsoft Search to increase your organization’s search coverage and extend search beyond Microsoft 365 content.


Your data sources could be spread across several departments and product divisions housed in their specialized apps and cloud applications. And your user’s search requirements range from aggregation of all information into the Workplace search canvases (SharePoint Home, Office Home, or Bing work vertical), to selectively exposing this content into Site search or Custom search applications built using the Graph search API. Graph connectors, makes this content available in Microsoft search and other M365 experiences. Goal is to ensure your users are at their productive best and do more with the right search tools.


Graph connectors' enhanced platform capacities now lets you bring in even more enterprise content into Microsoft search. You can configure up to 30 Graph connections within a tenant. Each connection continues to allow up to 5M items and overall tenant limits are up to 50M items. If you need even higher item capacity per connection or need more connections, share your requirements in this form.


Higher capacity enables use cases ranging from, higher item count in fewer connections, to, high connection count with fewer items in each. For instance, your Jira connection may have very high tasks count or you may have numerous Line of business custom connectors bringing in operations data. This enhancement covers the wider spectrum of scenarios to succeed with Graph connectors.

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