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Changing habits is tough, even a relatively simple habit like searching. Instead of training your users to create a new habit of going to Bing, SharePoint, or to search work, make it easier for them (and you) by bringing Microsoft Search to the sites and apps their teams are already using.


For example, maybe Sales team uses Salesforce to manage your customer data. By embedding workplace search into your Salesforce instead of leaving the app to find an internal file, bookmark, or person, they can start their search right there. Or maybe your product teams use Confluence to collaborate on projects. Embed search boxes on Confluence pages to make it faster and easier for those users to find info shared with them. You can also direct your users and teams to more targeted results by taking them to a custom search vertical when they use an embedded search box.


Not sure what an embedded search box is? It’s pretty straightforward. With just a short script, you can add a dedicated search box for workplace results to your line-of-business apps, mobile apps, and intranet sites and portals. When users start a search, they’ll get relevant, personalized suggestions and to see results, they always go to Microsoft Search in Bing. And no matter where you add an embedded search box, it always works exactly the same way.




Not sure why you’d want to use embedded search boxes? This approach offers some clear advantages:

  • Provides ubiquitous, trusted entry points to Microsoft Search
  • Leverages established work patterns to drive awareness and engagement with Microsoft Search
  • Creates a consistent search experience across your intranet sites, mobile apps, and line-of-business apps
  • Only search suggestions from your organization appear; web suggestions are never included
  • Always takes users to a Microsoft Search in Bing work results page, which excludes ads and web results

From listening to customers (and users) like you, we know that just making something available isn’t enough. We also have to make it easy—easy to implement, easy to maintain, and easy to use. Which is why we’ve tried to keep the process simple. See just how easy it is to add an embedded search box for different types of sites and apps below.



Use a custom HTML widget to add the embedded search box script:






Use an iframe widget and include parameters for URL, title, height, and width:






Create a Visualforce component and add it to your Salesforce homepage:





SharePoint (classic or modern)

Deploy the search box package from the Microsoft Search public to your app catalog and add it to your SharePoint sites:





We hope you find a lot of value in adding embedded search boxes. If you want to learn more, see Add a search box to your intranet site. If you have questions, comments, or feedback about adding or using an embedded search , share them with us at



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