What’s New in Viva Sales – January 2023
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Back in October 2022, we announced the general availability of Microsoft Viva Sales, an intelligent selling experience that brings customer relationship management (CRM) context and actionable AI-powered intelligence seamlessly into every salesperson’s flow of work, helping them save time and keep focused on what matters most: connecting with customers and closing deals.


Today, we are thrilled to introduce a powerful set of new features and improvements that make Viva Sales even more helpful and attuned to the needs of sellers and organizations around the world every day.


Customize how contacts, opportunities, and accounts show up across Viva Sales

To ensure sellers are equipped with the most relevant customer data in their flow of work, CRM admins can now customize the key information displayed for sales records across Outlook and Teams. Specifically, for contacts, accounts, and opportunities, they can add, remove, and reorder both out-of-the-box and custom fields. On top of that, they can opt for any of these entities to be editable and also control the editability of specific fields. These customizations will show up across the breadth of Viva Sales experiences, including when viewing and updating a customer record in the Outlook side pane and when collaborating on a customer record in a Teams chat or channel as an adaptive card.


Customize how contacts, opportunities, and accounts show up across Viva Sales.jpg

Contact form settings in Viva Sales app for Teams


To read more and watch a demo video, check out the dedicated blog post—or get started with CRM customizations in Viva Sales today.


Manage admin settings and learn more from the Viva Sales app in Teams

Once the Viva Sales app in Teams is added as a personal app to the Teams app bar, CRM admins are able to manage environment-specific settings for Viva Sales in a central location without ever leaving Teams. From here, they can tailor Viva Sales according to their organization’s business needs and control Viva Sales experiences across Outlook and Teams. Additionally, from within the app, you now have quick access to the product documentation, so that the help and resources for getting the most out of Viva Sales are never more than a click away.


Manage admin settings and learn more from the Viva Sales app in Teams .png

Home & Settings in Viva Sales app in Teams


Get started with admin settings today to tailor Viva Sales to your organization's needs.


Get AI-powered meeting summaries for even more Teams meetings

Professionalism with customers and follow-through are crucial attributes for any good seller. To help with that, Sales Conversation Intelligence (SCI) provides automated summaries of key topics, issues, and concerns discussed during the meeting. Now, these meeting summaries are supported for even more meeting types in Teams, specifically multi-participant and internal calls, making it more powerful than ever before for staying organized and on top of critical, content-heavy sales meetings.


Get AI-powered meeting summaries for even more Teams meetings.png

Multi-participant meeting recap in Teams


Record your first meeting with Viva Sales today to get these amazing productivity benefits.


Feature of the month: Boost productivity with AI-powered CRM contact creation

Occasionally, we also highlight existing capabilities to help you get the most out of Viva Sales. This month, we’re sharing one of the many ways Viva Sales seamlessly augments sellers’ day-to-day using AI.


Traditionally sellers have been required to do the heavy lifting of populating CRM. With AI-powered contact creation, Viva Sales eliminates friction from the contact creation process so that sellers can create contacts in CRM at the speed of life and build a real-time accurate view of their customer. Specifically, Viva alerts sellers when they receive emails from contacts that are not saved to CRM, and in a single click, it automates contact creation by extracting pertinent details from the email.



Pre-filled contact details based on the email signature in Outlook


Create CRM contacts in a single click from your emails today.



We are on a mission to make every salesperson on the planet more successful. By augmenting the flow of work with essential customer information and rich sales-specific insights, Viva Sales empowers sellers to make better decisions, collaborate more effortlessly together, and build stronger relationships so that they can close more deals.


Ready to join us and other top-performing sales organizations worldwide? To get started with Viva Sales, reach out to your Microsoft sales team or visit the Viva Sales webpage for more information.


Want to stay in the loop? Stay connected to the latest improvements before everybody else at https://aka.ms/vivasalesupdates. We would also love to hear from you on our community feedback forum.

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