Web Development for Beginners: Learners Matchmaking!


Hey Everyone, 

Thanks for joining the Web Development for Beginners course!


Learning and building together is the goal of this course. Post the below information and I will make sure to connect you with similar students so you can build together in this 8 weeks!



Experience Level 

Location / Timezone

Where can we find you? LinkedIn / Twitter / Telegram / etc




Korey Stegared-Pace 

I love JavaScript 


Twitter - @koreyspace / LinkedIn: Korey Stegared-Pace

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Valentyna Baranova

I am a beginner (6-month experience - pet project and test tasks) 

I adore React 

Europe/Ukraine (GMT +2)

Telegram: @ValentynaBaranova

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/valentyna-baranova-5a9b74245/




Experience level: 4 years


I like JS, HTML, CSS


Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sonia-mathew-0180761b8/

Hi @koreyspace , 

I hope you are doing well. Please find the requested details below;

Name: Chanak Karki

Experience Level: Beginner

Location: Kathmandu

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chanak-karki/



Muhammad Shariq

8 Years of dev experience, 2yrs of React.

Florida, USA Eastern (-5 GMT)


Michael Ge (he/him)
- Reskilling into webdev after time in teaching/edPsych/medical software. Recent alum from Washington University in St. Louis, learning Vue to understand JS frameworks!
- LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelge317/
- Github - https://github.com/michaelge21

Name: Lissett Soto
Experience: Took a Web Dev class in College
Timezone: PST
Let's connect!: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lissett-soto/

Adnane Abid

Full Stack Student and I'm in front end part for now

Boston, Massachusetts / EST



Thanks for joining Valentyna!
Thanks for joining Sonia!
Thanks for joining Chanak!
Thanks for joining Muhammad, it looks like Michal Ge below might be a great connection to make!
Thanks for joining Michael! Looks like Muhammad S. might be a great connection to make.
Thanks for joining Lissett!
Thanks for joining Adnane, looks like Michael and Muhammad are in your/around your time zone!

@koreyspace   Great news! Since they're proficient, collaborating and working on a project together in the future should be a breeze. I'm eagerly anticipating what's to come. Although I'm just starting out with React JS and feeling a bit lost, I'm determined to improve. I appreciate your efforts and wish us all success in achieving our objectives.

Hi @koreyspace 

I'm Victor Akande


West Africa/ GMT+1

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/avictorx

Twitter: https://twitter.com/av1ct0rx



Vishal Maheshwari

I am currently working with JavaScript and ReactNative  


LinkedIn: vishalnawal

Hi @koreyspace , i am looking forward to take Javascript lessons.



Name: Batuhan Aksüt

Experience Level: Intermediate

Location: Turkey

LinkedIn: Batuhan Aksüt