Web Developement for Beginners - Links and Resources


Thanks for everyone joining Week 1 of our Web Development for Beginners Course! 


Here are the links and resources shared: 


Web Development Challenge - 8 Weeks 

Meet Other Students 


Week 8 

Week 8 Recording 

Week 8 Lesson

Tailwind Documentation 


Week 7

Week 7 Recording 

Week 7 Lesson 

React Docs about State





Week 6

Week 6 Recording 

Week 6 Lesson 

Github Repo 



Week 5 

Week 5 Recording 

Week 5 Lesson 

React Documentary 

New Official React Docs 


Week 4 

Week 4 Recording 

Week 4 Lesson 

MDN  - Fetch API 

MDN - Async/Await 

Thunder Client Extension 

Pokemon API 


Week 3: 

Week 3 Recording


Lessons for the Week 

Making Decisions with JavaScript 


Week 2: 

Week 2 Recording 


Lessons for the Week 

JavaScript Variables and Data Types 

JavaScript Functions 


Week 1: 

Week 1 Recording 


Lessons for the Week 


VS Code 


Other Resources 

VS Code Extensions - Prettier, Code Runner, Live Share 

WSL2 - For Windows Terminal  

Node JS 

Install Node JS With WSL2 

Github Desktop 


Find Korey Here




Feel free to post any links you think are helpful to the other students here! Let me know if you get stuck anywhere. 




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