Getting Started with Rust: Getting Your First Rust Job AMA


Hey Everyone, 


We will have Marcus Grass speak at the Reactor on Wednesday, Nov. 2nd! He will talk about his journey working as a Java Developer to working now as a full-time Rust Developer at Embark Studios in Stockholm. 


He will share his tips and advice of moving from using Rust just as a "hobby" language to working with it professionally. 


If you have any questions for Marcus, please ask them here and we will make sure they get answered during the stream! 




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@koreyspaceRust development and game development are complementary but distinct skill sets. What game development experience did you have before starting at Embark, what did you need to learn on the job, and how have you found that the workflow of developing games in Rust differs from other languages?

Great question @angusgm , will make sure this gets asked!
@koreyspace Thanks! I'm looking forward to the event, but my Meetup group membership request hasn't been accepted yet. Are you able to do that for me?
I am only able to approve from the Stockholm Meetup if you join there: . The link to the stream can be found here:
Great, thanks for the link, that's all I needed!