Wide Community Reach at Modern Workplace Conference Paris
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The Modern Workplace Conference Paris 2024, primarily aimed at French-speaking users, has been held. In its sixth edition, the conference featured various speakers, including Microsoft MVPs, Regional Directors, industry technology experts, and Microsoft employees. They delivered more than 75 sessions over two days, providing attendees with the latest technical information on Microsoft 365, Power Platform, including Microsoft AI and Copilot.


In this blog, we introduce the insights and future community activities of two MVPs who contributed significantly to the success of this conference.


Microsoft MVP, Chloé Moreau, describes her own role at the conference as "a big project manager or a conductor," working alongside talented MVPs and passionate community leaders to ensure the best planning and execution. Although they are highly motivated community leaders rather than professional event organizers, they tackled challenges head-on and were proud of delivering a high-quality event. "Our best asset is that we are passionate people loving to share content and knowledge on our preferred technologies, for MWCP it is Microsoft 365 and Power Platform," says Chloé.

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Two years ago, the fourth event was held entirely online due to the limitations of pandemic, which over the following years, transformed into a hybrid format. Hybrid events enable extensive information sharing about new technologies not only to on-site attendees but also to remote participants. However, managing multiple communication channels makes the operation more complex. For this event, in addition to the on-site venue, organizer members managed live streaming on YouTube and used Teams for sharing slides and facilitating participant interaction. Reflecting on these efforts, Chloé states, "We were able to offer a great quality of interactions both online and in person by really proving all hybrid options to our attendees."



Regarding concerns that offering more participation options might reduce the number of people attending in person, Chloé mentions, "This year we had a very strong level of attendees participating in person despite all content being accessible on YouTube. So, we are convinced that hybrid is the way to go for the future as Microsoft showed this for Microsoft Ignite for example.”


Chloé expresses a strong desire to continue supporting community members through various online channels. In addition to sharing the latest Microsoft news on LinkedIn, Facebook, X, and Instagram, the community hosts groups with over 6,500 professionals worldwide, monthly podcasts, and various community events that have attracted over 10,000 participants across five continents in the past eight years. By continuously supporting participants who meet at events, community leaders continue to demonstrate exemplary leadership that contributes to the growth of both individuals and the community as a whole.


Another key organizer, Patrick Guimonet, also an MVP, played a significant role in coordinating numerous aspects of the event from planning to execution, greatly contributing to its success. He expresses his joy, saying, "I am very proud to contribute to the success of this event and to be part of such a passionate, motivated, and committed team. Each edition is a new adventure that allows us to unite people and share our passion."

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Through interactions with participants, Patrick learned the importance of session diversity and innovation. He discovered that participants are not just looking for various presentations but are interested in practical case studies that provide specific knowledge. This feedback, offering practical insights into both business and technical challenges, was highly valuable.


Like Chloé, Patrick also reflects on the hybrid nature of the event, emphasizing that the YouTube session videos met participant expectations, stating, "This flexibility allows them to review sessions at their leisure, catch up on any content they might have missed, or simply refresh their memory on the information presented."



Looking ahead to future community activities, Patrick mentioned the regular events hosted by aMP (formerly aMS) community. These events offer opportunities for direct interaction at local events and include online streaming, allowing participation regardless of location. They provide a great hybrid event experience where the community can learn about the latest updates of Microsoft 365, Power Platform, and more. Community events are planned in various cities worldwide, so we encourage you to join these events.

- June 25, 2024: aMS Brazzaville

- August 1, 2024: aMP Colombo

- August 24, 2024: aMP Pune

- August 27, 2024: aMP Salem

- September 12, 2024: aMP Tunis

- September 19, 2024: aMP Bordeaux

- September 27, 2024: aMS Leipzig

- October 3, 2024: aMP Montpellier

- October 18, 2024: aMP Seoul

- October 23, 2024: aMP Kuala Lumpur

- October 25, 2024: aMP Manila

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