The Global Cloud Skills Challenge: Learning on MS Learn
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The Global Cloud Skills Challenge which took place this May required all participating MVPs to complete 40 modules on the Microsoft Learn platform. In this blog, we’re looking at three MVPs who shared their stories on using MS Learn to complete the challenge.


Argo Zhang


Argo Zhang is an MVP in Developer Technologies. Argo was already a passionate fan of MS Learn and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to use it as part of the challenge.


“I was in touch with the Microsoft MS Learn platform very early, so I have already studied many learning paths and modules. I think MS Learn is a fantastic platform where you can start with easy content and then deep into the difficult ones, quickly understanding one technology from a beginner to an advanced professional,” said Argo.


Argo had previously used MS Learn to study new developer technologies and grow the Blazor Project, a library of native Blazor components. “I truly believe that studying new technologies on MS Docs/Learn platform is the best choice for developers. I have recommended MS Docs/Learn to tens of thousands of people who visited my website, joined my WeChat learning groups, paid attention to my open-source projects, read my blogs, and watched my videos,” he said.


“Learning is no longer a boring, lonely, and bitter experience, but full of achievement and expectation. When finishing one module, you will get a badge, and gain a trophy after a whole learning path.”


You can check out Argo’s learning collection here and his blog on using MS Learn here.


James Tsai


James Tsai has been an MVP in Developer Technologies since 2015. James took part in the Microsoft 365 Challenge, after having used Teams and other 365 technologies in his work over the last three years. In this challenge, he found the gamification and rewards achievable on MS Learn to be particularly motivating. 


“As you finish one module in a learning path, you will obtain related experience value and badge, and when you finish one learning path, you will receive additional experience value and trophy,” said James.


“At this point, you will self-release dopamine in the brain, immediately getting the satisfaction from small achievements, so that you will have more motivation to work on the next module.”


Given his experience with Teams and MDM/MAM of Intune, as well as his knowledge of MS technologies in other domains, James picked up the content fast. “I learned fast in the first 1/3 process and my experience value accumulated fast (the experience value is another encouraging mechanism. Your experience value will increase after you finish every unit, and it will double if all of your answers in the knowledge check unit are correct),” he said.


Check out James' learning collection here and his blog on the experience here.


Zhenwei Su


Zhenwei Su has received four MVP awards in Developer Technologies and used MS Learn to explore a whole host of different learning areas as part of the challenge. These included modules on AI on Azure, fundamentals and architectural components of Azure, beginner modules on MS 365 and Power BI, and Dynamics 365 Marketing.


Zhenwei also created modules on building a model-driven app using Power  Apps and how to build a simple dashboard using Power BI. 


You can check out his complete learning path collection here.

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