Sharpist 2024 - AI Hackathon in Uzbekistan
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The vibrant tech community of Uzbekistan, Microsoft Developers Community (MDC Uzbekistan) successfully hosted their first AI hackathon, Sharpist Hackathon 2024, in collaboration with IT Investments Center (ITIC), ITSkills, and INHA University in Tashkent (IUT). This initiative attracted 140 teams from Uzbekistan and neighboring countries, all eager to develop cutting-edge AI-based services.


In this blog article, we will introduce an overview of the hackathon, its results, and the key points that led to new innovations.

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Challenge overview: Using AI to generate test questionnaires based on Microsoft Technologies

The Sharpist Hackathon 2024 was centered around the challenge of creating test questionnaires utilizing AI. Participating teams were required to develop AI-based solutions that adapt to each user's knowledge level and learning style, and that are compatible with various platforms such as the web and mobile. Therefore, they focused on creating algorithms capable of understanding diverse contexts through critical thinking and on designing intuitive user interfaces.


Developing such advanced systems requires a meticulous selection of technologies. Many teams chose Microsoft Azure for its scalability and flexibility in operating complex AI systems. Additionally, they utilized pre-built AI tools like Cognitive Services, which provide necessary resources for natural language processing (NLP).

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Congratulations to the winners!

After an intensive 50-hour development period, expert judges, including Microsoft MVPs, Microsoft Certified Trainers, and other tech specialists reviewed participating teams’ solutions. The evaluation led to the recognition of three standout teams: “Dots” and “Brush Tech” from Uzbekistan, and “Balmuzdaq Studio” from Kazakhstan. These teams impressed the judges with their creativity and technical expertise, earning high praise. “Their solutions stood out for their innovative use of Microsoft technologies, seamless integration and commitment to ethical AI practices. The hackathon not only demonstrated the potential of AI in education but also highlighted the importance of collaboration and diversity in tech,” says one of the Microsoft MVP judges, Mukhammadkarim Tukhtaboev.

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Tips for everyone who loves to develop innovative AI solutions

Here are the seven evaluation criteria that were crucial in determining the winning teams. These points are not only essential for this hackathon but also beneficial for anyone involved in developing innovative AI solutions:


  1. Question Generation Algorithm
    Teams had to develop algorithms that could generate coherent and contextually appropriate questions. This required deep machine learning expertise and a strong understanding of natural language processing.
  1. Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    NLP was at the heart of the hackathon. Participants needed to create algorithms capable of understanding human language and generating meaningful questions. Microsoft's AI resources played a pivotal role in this process.
  1. Personalization
    The ability to personalize test questionnaires based on user input was crucial. Teams implemented mechanisms to adapt the generated questions to individual learning styles and skill levels.
  1. Evaluation and Skill Rating
    Solutions had to evaluate user responses and provide meaningful feedback. Teams demonstrated how their systems could rate users' skills and offer guidance for improvement.
  1. User Interface
    A user-friendly interface was essential. The hackathon celebrated solutions that combined powerful AI with an intuitive and accessible design.
  1. Integration with Other Systems
    Integration was another key factor. Participants used APIs and other tools to ensure their solutions could work with existing systems, demonstrating the importance of interoperability.
  1. Ethical Considerations
    Ethical considerations were at the forefront, with teams addressing issues related to data privacy, bias, and fairness. Judges valued solutions that incorporated strong ethical practices.



The significance of learning opportunities such as this hackathon

Participating in hackathons like Sharpist Hackathon 2024 offers invaluable learning opportunities from fellow team members and other teams.

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We extend our respect to the organizing team for their effort in elevating AI learning through this event and are pleased to share their experiences and insights.


“The Sharpist Hackathon serves as a testament to the transformative power of AI and Microsoft technologies in creating personalized learning experiences. As we look to the future, the lessons learned from this hackathon will undoubtedly inspire further advancements in AI-based educational tools.”


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