Reconnect Series: Carsten Witte
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Carsten Witte is a Reconnect Member and a Senior Product Manager for medical software at Siemens Healthineers in Bavaria, Germany. He was awarded Microsoft MVP in MSVC in 2000 for six years, and has since enjoyed being part of the Reconnect community.


For Carsten, being a Reconnect member has great networking value. "Even though I cannot use my old knowledge to contribute anymore, it's still great to be part of the family again. And maybe, eventually, there might be a C++ question that I can help answer," said Carsten.


Carsten has enjoyed getting involved in Reconnect events, and found that the inter-generational exchanging of content has been able to thrive, in particular at the Reconnect meeting held at Microsoft's German headquarters in Munich last year. In terms of the impact of the Reconnect community, Carsten explained that "it has managed to spark a lot of new ideas, and reawaken curiosity in things that move and are moved by Microsoft. And of course, revive old friendships."


As an MVP, Carsten relished the opportunity to attend the Microsoft Summits in Redmond, saying that "working with the product groups directly on campus and meeting people like Bill and Steve compared to nothing else." He also hugely valued the opportunity to get first hand experience with upcoming versions of software like the Workflow Engine.


To future MVPs, Carsten says: "Be curious. Help your fellow peers. Don't do it for the benefits, but for you and your colleagues. Expect nothing, deliver everything. Enjoy your work."


For the last six years, Carsten has been working on syngo.via, a multi-modality reading software for medical images, with the goal to create value and provide great healthcare for all customers and patients of Siemens Healthineers. Carsten occasionally participates in a group on Requirement Engineering at ASQF, a working group dedicated to shaping the development and safeguarding of software and system quality.


To learn more about the MVP Reconnect Program click here.


Carsten Witte is a Reconnect Member from Greater Nuremberg, Germany. He was awarded Microsoft MVP in MSVC from 2000-2006. Follow him on Twitter @Carsti.

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