Presentations, Poker and More on this Week's Friday Five!
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First published on MSDN on Oct 19, 2018


Xamarin Android WebView Authentication
Oscar Garcia is a Principal Software Architect who resides in Sunny South Florida. He is a Microsoft MVP and certified solutions developer with many years of experience building solutions using .Net framework and multiple open source frameworks. Currently, he specializes in building solutions using technologies like SharePoint, ASP.NET , NodeJS, AngularJS, and other JavaScript frameworks. Follow him on Twitter @ozkary or visit his blog at .

It's rare. It's valuable and it's a gift from your audience. Don't waste it.
Emma Bannister is Australia's leading Presentation Expert and Author of Visual Thinking. She is the founder and CEO of APAC's largest Presentation Communication agency - Presentation Studio, which worlds with some of the most respected clients world-wide. She beleves presentation are a catalyst for action and spends every day sharing her passion to help empower other to share stories and unlock value in the power of their presentations. With key insights Emma and her team write, design, manage and train companies and individuals to deliver persuasive presentations with impact. Follow her on Twitter @EmmebPresents .
8 Tips to Maximize Your Productivity
Dan Wahlin founded Wahlin Consulting which provides training, architecture, and mentoring services on Web technologies such as Angular, React, Node.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, ASP.NET Core, Web API, Microservices, Docker, and Azure. He’s also published multiple development courses on and Dan speaks at conferences around the world, has written several books, hundreds of technical articles and blog posts, and runs the "Code with Dan Web Development Newsletter". Follow him on Twitter @DanWahlin .
Estimating Dynamics 365 User Stories with Planning Poker
Neil Benson ’s mission is to help every Microsoft customer and partner use the Scrum framework to implement Dynamics 365 successfully. Neil has received the Microsoft MVP award each year since 2010 and he is a certified scrum master with and Scrum Alliance. He publishes a blog, podcast and online training course on using Scrum for Dynamics 365. Neil lives in Brisbane, Australia, with his family who build Lego minifigures to illustrate his contributions. Follow him on Twitter @customery .
Setting Alerts For NightScout/MongoDB Using Zapier And Microsoft Flow

Leon Tribe is a business thought leader, passionate public speaker, and the National Project Director at PowerObjects in Sydney, Australia. His passion is helping others make the world a better place through the intelligent use of technology. He does this with Dynamics 365. In recognition of his passion and focus on Dynamics 365, Leon was awarded Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP award) in 2009 and has been re-awarded every year since. Follow him on Twitter @leontribe .

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