MVP’s Favorite Content: SQL Server and Power Apps
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In this blog series dedicated to Microsoft's technical articles, we'll highlight our MVPs' favorite article along with their personal insights.


Jungsun Kim, Data Platform MVP, Korea

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SQL Server technical documentation - SQL Server | Microsoft Learn

“This article introduces various DB technologies ranging from the latest version of SQL Server, Azure SQL, Business Intelligence, to Machine Learning.”

(In Korean: SQL Server 최신 버전, Azure SQL, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning에 이르기까지 다양한 DB기술을 소개합니다.)

*Relevant Activity: I have been writing a series of articles about new features of SQL Server 2022 on my website: 김정선의 Data 이야기 (


Sergio Govoni, Data Platform MVP, Italy

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SQL Server encryption - SQL Server | Microsoft Learn

“Databases in a company are the place where information is stored to drive the company’s production processes. Tera of data, dozens of databases, millions of rows, the entire activity depends on this, and information security can no longer be an option, we have to think about security by design and security by default.”

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James Hickey, Developer Technologies MVP, Canada

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SQL Server and Azure SQL index architecture and design guide - SQL Server | Microsoft Learn

“If you work with SQL Server, it's really helpful to understand advanced information about how indexing works, memory management, etc. You'll find tips about creating better indexes & queries and how to debug issues better.”


Inhee LEE, Business Applications MVP, Korea

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Create a machine ordering app with Power Apps - Online Workshop - Training | Microsoft Learn

“This is a practical course that enables you to understand the power platform comprehensively and organically. Through the practical course, you can learn each element systematically while covering various practical aspects, making it a very suitable course for beginners and intermediate learners. I recommend this course.”

(In Korean: 파워플랫폼에 대한 전체적인 이해를 종합적이고 유기적으로 가능하게 하는 실습과정입니다. 실습과정을 통해서 실무적인 요소를 두루 다루면서도 체계적으로 하나하나 익힐 수 있어서 초보자와 중급자 모두에게 매우 적절한 실습과정이어서 추천했습니다.)

*Relevant Activity: I shared this content with a group of Facebook: Power Platform | Facebook

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