MVP’s Favorite Content: Power Platform, Blogs, Azure
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In this blog series dedicated to Microsoft's technical articles, we'll highlight our MVPs' favorite article along with their personal insights.


Yuka Tanabe, Business Applications MVP, Japan

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Microsoft Power Platform adoption best practices - Power Platform | Microsoft Learn

“In considering how to implement the Power Platform effectively, the content is packed with advice on best practices for management and governance, as well as for nurturing citizen developers. It's a fantastic resource that can help when contemplating how to mature the Power Platform within your own company. It's essential content that every enterprise adopting the Power Platform should definitely check out.”

(In Japanese: Power Platformの導入をどのように実践していけばよいか検討するにあたって、管理とガバナンスのベストプラクティス、市民開発者育成のベストプラクティスといったアドバイスが詰まっています。

自分の会社ではどのようにPower Platformを成熟させていくかを検討する際の一助になってくれる素晴らしいコンテンツです。

Power Platform導入している企業では必ずチェックしていただきたいコンテンツです。)

*Relevant Article: Please refer to my materials Power Platform 管理者が考えておきたいこと which I presented at the MICROSOFT 365 VIRTUAL MARATHON 2022.

(In Japanese: MICROSOFT 365 VIRTUAL MARATHON 2022 で登壇した際の私の資料「Power Platform 管理者が考えておきたいこと」も参考にしてください。)


James van den Berg, Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP, Netherlands

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Blogs - Microsoft Community Hub

“On this Microsoft Tech Community site, Microsoft product groups are blogging about new technology features, and you get great up-to-date information from Microsoft.”

*Relevant Blog: Here is my blogpost with links to Microsoft Tech Community Blog posts :)

Updating my MVPLAB with Windows Server 2025 Insider Preview Build 26040 | Cloud and Datacenter Manag...


Takahito Iwasa, Microsoft Azure MVP, Japan

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Architecting multitenant solutions on Azure - Azure Architecture Center | Microsoft Learn

“It is packed with practical SaaS practices applicable beyond Azure. It also touches on guidance for Azure-specific services, which is helpful when designing with trade-offs in mind in a multi-tenant environment.”

(In Japanese: Azure 以外でも通用する実用的な SaaS プラクティスが詰まっています。Azure 固有のサービスに関するガイダンスについても触れられており、マルチテナントでトレードオフを意識した設計を行う際に役に立ちます。)

*Relevant Activities:

- 「Azure でのマルチテナント SaaS のはなし」というタイトルで「第1回 Azure Traveler 勉強会 札幌の旅」に登壇しました #AzureTravelers | Developers...

- 第1回 Azure Travelers 勉強会 札幌の旅 - connpass


Sou Ishizaki, Microsoft Azure MVP, Japan

Sou Ishizaki.jpg

General considerations for choosing an Azure container service - Azure Architecture Center | Microso...

“This is a document that was recently published to help select container workloads. It compiles results from comparisons made from various perspectives and is extremely valuable knowledge not only for consideration but also to prevent any oversights.”

(In Japanese: 最近公開されたコンテナーワークロードの選定に役立つナレッジです。様々な視点から比較した結果がまとめられており、検討の参考にはもちろん、抜け漏れを防ぐためにも大変有用なナレッジです。)

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