MVP’s Favorite Content: Learn, .NET 8, AI, and Intune
Published Nov 10 2023 07:00 AM 1,920 Views

In this blog series dedicated to Microsoft's technical articles, we'll highlight our MVPs' favorite article along with their personal insights.


James van den Berg, Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP, Netherlands

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Browse all courses, learning paths, and modules - Training | Microsoft Learn

“From Here you can Learn on-demand for free with Awesome content on Microsoft Products Like for me: Microsoft Azure, Azure Stack HCI, Azure Arc, Windows Server, Containers, Security, Hybrid IT and Azure Hybrid Learning path.”

*Relevant Blog: Azure Update Management for Windows and Linux in Multi Cloud #Azure #Winserv #Linux | Cloud and Data...


Sander ten Brinke, Developer Technologies MVP, Netherlands

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Debugging Enhancements in .NET 8 - .NET Blog

“.NET is a fantastic, modern, and fast framework to develop software with. This fantastic blog post shows that the .NET team really cares about the developer experience and thus improves it a ton in .NET 8. I'm personally really looking forward to the configuration debugging experience because it will make it a lot easier to see what is going on in your systems!”

*Relevant Blog: Everything you need to know about configuration and secret management in .NET · Sander ten Brinke (s...


Jiong Shi, Internet of Things MVP, China

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Custom Vision documentation - Quickstarts, Tutorials, API Reference - Azure AI services | Microsoft ...

“Azure AI is really a fantastic platform that enables non-AI major students to design, build and deploy AI related solutions with minimal expertise.”

*Relevant Activity: I am a professor of Internet of Things at the School of Computer and Electronic Engineering and have been delivering a series of lectures concerning Azure IoT and Azure Cognitive services based on my experience on Azure and cloud platform.

I also help our students to design and build applications that utilize Azure services. These lectures are very popular with students who want to get familiar with Microsoft technology. I mentored more than 6 student teams this year, and one of them made a project of UAV image recognition and classification system based on Azure Custom Vision. We wrote an academic article named “Design of UAV Image Recognition and Classification System,” which is published on “Microcontrollers & Embedded Systems” Journal this month. And they also won the second prize in the Science and Technology Innovation Competition for college Students.


Somesh Pathak, Enterprise Mobility MVP, Netherlands

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Just in Time registration and compliance Remediation for iOS/iPadOS with Microsoft Intune - Microsof...

“The article on Just-in-Time Registration and Compliance Remediation for iOS/iPad OS with Microsoft Intune provides a valuable resource for IT professionals seeking to streamline device enrollment and compliance management. It delves into the benefits of Just-in-Time Registration, highlighting its ability to eliminate unnecessary steps and reduce app switching.

The article further elaborates on Just-in-Time compliance remediation, showcasing its effectiveness in guiding users towards compliance without app switching. It demonstrates how users can seamlessly rectify non-compliant devices and gain access to corporate resources.”

*Relevant Blog: Just in Time Registration for iOS/iPadOS (

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