MVP’s Favorite Content: CAE, Surface, M365, Semantic Kernel
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In this blog series dedicated to Microsoft's technical articles, we'll highlight our MVPs' favorite article along with their personal insights.


Florian Salzmann, Enterprise Mobility MVP, Switzerland

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Continuous access evaluation strict location enforcement in Microsoft Entra ID - Microsoft Entra ID ...

“Token theft is a real issue and unfortunately I have seen many cases where tokens have been used to break into a Microsoft 365 / Azure tenant.

That's why it's so important to secure our administrative logins as much as possible. With the ""Strictly enforce location policies"" feature, which is still in preview, token theft is much more difficult. If the IP is not trusted, the token is immediately revoked.

I have had my eye on this feature for a while now and had to try it out. I check the article regularly to see if there are any news and hints for its GA.”

*Relevant Blog: Strictly Enforce Location Policies in Entra ID: A Gift of Secure Access | scloud


Tomokazu Kizawa, Windows and Devices MVP, Japan

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New Surface devices bring more value to business | Microsoft Devices Blog (

“Surface represents a "pace car" showing what a Windows PC should be, as envisioned by Microsoft. Moreover, it's a premium PC that offers users Windows experience. Particularly, the newly announced Surface Laptop Studio 2, equipped with Intel's NPU, stands as a pioneering "AI PC." It's a significant computer leading the way in this field. Additionally, the Surface Laptop Go 3 and Surface Go 4, as more affordable versions, hold an important position, being widely applicable in business scenarios. This content excellently captures the essence and key selling points of the Surface.”

(In Japanese: Surface は、マイクロソフトが WindowsPC としてあるべき姿を示した「ペースカー」的な存在であり、また、何よりも Windows のエクスペリエンスをユーザーが体感できるプレミアム PC です。特に今回発表された Surface Laptop Studio 2 Intel NPU を搭載したことにより「AI PC」の先駆けとして重要なパソコンであると言えます。そして、廉価版として広くビジネスでも使える Surface Laptop Go 3 Surface Go 4 も重要な位置づけのパソコンとなります。Surface の意味と訴求ポイントを的確に表現した素晴らしいコンテンツです。)

*Relevant Video/Podcast:

- 速報 Surface Laptop Studio 2・Surface Laptop Go 3(Kizawa's VLOG #158) (

- Surface Laptop Studio 2実機レポート(Kizawa's VLOG 159) (

- 第699回 新型Surface発表!!Surface Laptop Studio 2・Surface Laptop Go 3・Surface Go 4・Surface Hub 3(2023/9/24)...


Masayuki Mokudai (もくだいさん), M365 MVP, Japan

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Microsoft 365 productivity illustrations | Microsoft Learn

“This content is recommended if you explore a comprehensive understanding of the architecture of each service in Microsoft 365. Among them, the architecture of "Teams and related productivity services" is particularly helpful for understanding how data is not stored in Teams but is instead distributed across various services in M365. Please also refer to my material from the MICROSOFT 365 VIRTUAL MARATHON 2022, where I explained the "Groups in Microsoft 365 for IT Architects" section.”

(In Japanese: Microsoft 365 の各サービスがどのようなアーキテクチャで実装されているのかを横断的に確認するにはこのコンテンツがおすすめです。その中でも特に「Teams と関連生産性サービス」の Architecture は、各データがTeamsではなく、M365の各種サービスに分散保存されていることへの理解の助けになります。

「IT アーキテクト向け Microsoft 365 のグループ」ドキュメントを解説した MICROSOFT 365 VIRTUAL MARATHON 2022 での私の資料も参考にしてください。)

*Relevant Article: Microsoft 365 グループ 生まれた経緯とそのコントロール MICROSOFT 365 VIRTUAL MARATHON 2022 | ドクセル (


Tomomitsu Kusaba, Developer Technologies MVP, Japan

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Create AI agents with Semantic Kernel | Microsoft Learn

“AI generation has been attracting a lot of attention lately, and among these, the Semantic Kernel, which forms the core of the Copilot Stack, is a noteworthy SDK because it is the enterprise-ready language, C#.”

(In Japanese: 生成AIは最近非常に注目を集めており、その中でも Copilot Stack の中核をなす Semantic Kernel はエンタープライズレディーな言語の C# であることから、注目の SDK です。)

*Relevant Blog:

- Semantic KernelのFunctionを自動的に選択して回答を返すSemantic Kernel1.0.1正式版 (

- Semantic Kernelを使って天気を取得してみる (

*Relevant Event and Video:

- .NETラボ 勉強会 2024年1月 - connpass

- SemanticKernelの始め方 - YouTube

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