MVP’s Favorite Content: Azure AI, R on Azure, Cobalt 100 VM
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In this blog series dedicated to Microsoft's technical articles, we'll highlight our MVPs' favorite article along with their personal insights.


Dicky Fung, AI Platform MVP, Hong Kong

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What is Azure AI Studio? - Azure AI Studio | Microsoft Learn

“This article made a strong impression on me, as it comprehensively introduces Azure AI Studio as an enterprise-grade platform that provides a range of capabilities to help developers explore, build, test, and deploy generative AI applications in a secure and responsible manner. It highlights the key features of AI Studio, the use of state-of-the-art AI tools and models, the collaborative environment, the flexibility, and the monitoring and governance capabilities."


Bin Xiang, AI Platform MVP, China

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GitHub - Azure-Samples/cognitive-services-speech-sdk: Sample code for the Microsoft Cognitive Servic...

“The Microsoft Cognitive Services Speech SDK sample project is a valuable repository that provides developers with a series of rich examples to help them quickly get started and effectively utilize functions such as speech recognition, speech translation, and speech synthesis. This project not only includes a basic quick start guide but also demonstrates how to create custom voice assistants and how to use the SDK for more complex speech recognition and intent recognition.


Cross-platform compatibility is a highlight of this project. It supports running on Windows 10, Linux, Android, Mac x64, Mac M1 arm64, and iOS devices, which means developers can test and deploy their applications on a variety of devices, ensuring that users can have a consistent experience no matter which platform they use.

The process of obtaining a subscription key is also very simple. The project documentation provides detailed instructions on how to set up the SDK and obtain the required subscription key, allowing developers to easily run the samples on their own machines.

In addition, the project also provides examples of using REST API directly, which means developers can utilize the capabilities of speech services without installing the SDK. This provides great convenience for those developers who wish to quickly integrate speech functions into their applications.


In summary, this project is an excellent starting point, opening the door for developers to explore and realize the potential of speech technology. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, you can gain valuable knowledge and inspiration from this project to turn the heat of AIGC into practical application results. Therefore, I highly recommend this project to everyone interested in speech technology. It can not only help you get started quickly but also inspires you to create more innovative application scenarios."

*Relevant Blog: Azure OpenAI 语音聊天 | Innovation with tech (


Dan Zhang, Data Platform MVP, China

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Use R interactively on Azure Machine Learning - Azure Machine Learning | Microsoft Learn

“R has many application scenarios in data analysis. There is little talk about the integration and use of R on Azure, and this article provides a path to get R applied on Azure.”


Shunsuke Yoshikawa, Microsoft Azure MVP, Japan

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Announcing the preview of new Azure VMs based on the Azure Cobalt 100 processor - Microsoft Communit...

“Microsoft has released a preview of the Cobalt 100 VM, a CPU designed in-house. With the new Copilot+ PC Surface, the future where everything from client to server can be unified under the Arm architecture is just around the corner!”

(In Japanese, Microsoft 独自設計の CPU、Cobalt 100 の VM がプレビューで公開されました。新しい Copilot+ PC Surfaceと合わせ、クライアントからサーバーまで Arm アーキテクチャで統一できる未来がすぐそこまで来ています!)

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