MVP’s Favorite Content: AI, Microsoft Copilot, SQL, Azure
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In this blog series dedicated to Microsoft's technical articles, we'll highlight our MVPs' favorite article along with their personal insights.


Liji Thomas, AI MVP, United States

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AI Engineer Career Path - Microsoft Learn Official Collection | Microsoft Learn

“The role of AI engineers is increasingly pivotal in our technology-driven era, especially with the democratization of AI. The ability to apply AI through accessible APIs and SDKs has opened new horizons, making AI more reachable than ever before. AI engineers are not mere coders; they are problem solvers who possess a robust blend of skills in programming, machine learning, and understanding of the possibilities. They leverage AI to address complex real-world challenges.


For those keen on entering or advancing in this rapidly evolving field, the Microsoft Learn collection is an excellent resource. It offers an extensive curriculum that not only facilitates the development of fundamental skills but also prepares learners for the AI-102 certification, a benchmark in the industry. Significantly, 10-15% of the skills covered in this certification pertain to implementing generative AI solutions, reflecting the latest trends in the industry.


Besides serving as a one-stop solution for anyone eager to dive into the world of AI engineering, a couple of things about the collection stand out to me -

-It democratizes learning by making high-quality, industry-relevant education accessible to a broader audience.

-It caters not only to beginners but also to experienced professionals seeking to update their skills in line with current industry standards. You will find it invaluable for renewing your AI-102 certification.

-The collection underscores the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in a field like AI that is constantly evolving. Its content is regularly updated, providing access to the most current and pertinent information.”


Tomoharu Misawa, M365 MVP, Japan

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How to get ready for Copilot for Microsoft 365 (

“This is a video that provides an at-a-glance understanding of what is necessary before using Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365. By watching this video, you can gain the knowledge to prepare for the implementation of Microsoft Copilot.”

(In Japanese: Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 を利用する前に必要なことがひと目でわかるビデオです。このビデオを見れば Microsoft Copilot を導入する前の準備を整えるための知識を得ることができます。)

*Relevant Blog: Microsoft 365 Copilot に向けて権限を整理してきましょう - ()のブログ (


Sergio Govoni, Data Platform MVP, Italy

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Azure SQL Database Elastic Jobs preview refresh - Microsoft Community Hub

“Azure SQL Database has not got a native scheduling service comparable to SQL Agent that is present in the on-premise instances. When database solutions are implemented in Azure SQL, after the design phase of DB schema, possible solutions to perform database maintenance activities like Integrity Check, Index Rebuild etc…have to be studied. On the contrary, Backup activity already has an excellent default configuration given by Microsoft Azure platform. Azure SQL Database Elastic Jobs (preview refresh November 2023) is able to manage a wide variety of tasks such as database maintenance and more!”

*Relevant Blog:


- Azure SQL Database Maintenance tasks | Medium

- Automation of maintenance activities in Azure SQL Database | Medium


- Automazione delle attività di manutenzione in Azure SQL Database – UGISS

- Automazione delle attività di manutenzione in Azure SQL Database (2 Parte) – UGISS


Takashi Takebayashi, Microsoft Azure MVP, Japan

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Tenancy models for a multitenant solution - Azure Architecture Center | Microsoft Learn

“It is a very informative document that elaborates in detail on the most crucial point to consider when designing a multi-tenant architecture, which is the level of separation required for each tenant. In particular, I myself have experience working with several companies that offer multi-tenant SaaS, and I feel that if I had seen this document at that time, I could have made a better design. Therefore, I think it is content that many people should know about.”

(In Japanese: マルチテナント アーキテクチャを設計する上で最も考慮しなくてはならないポイントであるテナントごとに必要な分離レベルについて詳細に記述されており、大変参考になる資料だと思います。特に私自身がマルチテナント SaaS を提供する複数の企業に所属した経験があり、もしその際にこの資料を見ていたらもっとよい設計にできたのにと感じるものです。そのため、多くの人に知ってもらいたいコンテンツです。)

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