MVP Global Cloud Skills Challenge Winner Jiadong Chen
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For more details on Jiadong's project, you can find his winning article here and his Learn Collection here.


In the month of May, MVPs from across the world took part in the MVP Global Cloud Skills Challenge (The MVP Challenge). MVPs participating in the challenge competed on a global stage while exploring new learning areas and sharing the process with the rest of the community. MVPs explored new areas of learning, specifically in Azure Data & AI, Business Applications, and M365, through MS Learn.


We were very excited to speak to this year’s winner, Jiadong Chen, about his new learnings and experience with the challenge. Jiadong received an award for six consecutive years as a Developer Technologies MVP and is currently working as a Senior Software Developer at Company-X, based in New Zealand.


Jiadong dedicated the challenge to learning more about Azure Machine Learning, using Azure AI and Unity to build an image classifier for detecting viral pneumonia, bacterial pneumonia. Jiadong chose this project to contribute to fighting the public health emergency and help medical professionals diagnose lung diseases using AI.


“As an ordinary person, as a programmer, I also want to help. Using AI to try to help diagnose lung diseases, such as viral pneumonia and bacterial pneumonia, is an idea that I am interested in trying,” explained Jiadong.


When asked how he felt about winning the challenge, Jiadong said, “I am super excited because we all know there is only one first place, and I never thought that my English article would be in the first place.”


“I am not a native English speaker, and winning first place is huge encouragement for me … This award gives me more confidence.”


Jiadong also shared that he is writing his second book in English for Packt Publishing on Unity, .NET and Azure. “I am also very happy to share knowledge in this process,” he said. “I shared knowledge of Azure and AI with the community by writing an article and sharing tutorial collections. This makes me feel happy and fulfilled.”


The biggest token that Jiadong took from the challenge was the value of sharing. “I have participated in some Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenges before, and I am familiar with the leaderboards, rankings and other elements in these challenges. But I think the focus of this MVP Challenge is sharing,” he explained.


“Whether it's sharing on social media, writing articles to share or sharing tutorial collections, all these have left a deep impression on me and are my favorite part. This is also in line with the MVP's responsibility, and we should share Microsoft's knowledge with the community.”


Jiadong looks forward to continuing to take part in the MVP Global Cloud Skills Challenge, and in the meanwhile is introducing his colleagues in New Zealand to other Microsoft Skills Challenges.


Check out Jiadong’s blog and connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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