Mixed Reality, Metaverse, and Diversity in Tech
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Mixed Reality MVP in Germany Zaid Zaim co-organized a workshop, Jump into MR!, which focused on Mixed Reality (MR) and Metaverse. It was a collaboration from the non-profit tech school providing migrants and marginalized locals free and equitable access to digital Education, ReDI School of Digital Integration. The event was invented by Angela Bickmore and Birgit Köbl as part of the initiative “She‘s ReDI” supported by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth to empower more women to start a career in tech.


“Jump into MR!” consisted of three parts, inspire, learn, and experience. Sessions about technologies and careers inspired attendees, the hands-on session provided learning opportunities, and interactive booth experiences gave attendees a chance to touch and play with the headset technology. At the end of the day, the community enjoyed time for valuable networking. Zaid looks back on this event, “We contributed to empowering women in tech in the workshop that we encouraged them to start career in the IT world, and finally generated their excitement about MR and Metaverse.” The positive vibes where also mentioned by ReDI School: “Thank you, Zaid and team, for taking our female learners on such an exciting journey into tech. We could see a lot of learnings, enthusiasm and inspiration and I am sure, new career paths and passions took their start today”, says Birgit Köbl, who is leading the Talent Program at ReDI School.



It was also a significant meetup to discuss diversity. Another speaker of this event, Mixed Reality MVP Christian Glessner, emphasized the importance of diversity in the tech industry, inviting more women in tech, and fostering diversity across different cultures. “I shared my insights on diverse perspectives and experiences that work for developing more creative and inclusive solutions and lead to better problem-solving and innovation. I also highlighted that a more diverse tech industry ensures that products and services cater to a wider range of needs and preferences, reflecting the global user base,” he says.



Moreover, Christian shared his idea of looking ahead to the use of AI technology, “I encouraged students to focus on what makes us uniquely human, as humanity, community, and emotions are more important than ever in this rapidly evolving landscape. As technology advances, our ability to connect with others, empathize, and foster meaningful relationships will become increasingly valuable.”


According to Zaid, they received positive event feedback. Check out some of the kudos and learn how this event empowered the attendees.

“The speakers were great, I met new people, special thanks to the organizer for making everything go great. Thanks to this event, I learned more about Mixed Reality and became interested in it, especially working.

“It has given me insight on what career areas in IT that are relevant to my profession” 

“People around were so helpful and nice. It was useful to attend, for sure. I got first insight of MR and how to start with it.” 

“I think this is our future and it would be great to start understanding this right now” 



Pouneh Kaufman, Group Product Manager for Mesh Immersive Experiences at Microsoft and Mariano Mailos, Mixed Reality & IoT Go To Market Lead at Microsoft – joined the event to inspire the community first by sharing insights about their personal journey into Tech, the impact and momentum that is currently happening in Mixed Reality and Metaverse to highlighting significant importance having women actively shaping this field!


Zaid is excited about continuing to engage with local and global Tech & Dev communities and supporting their ‘jump into Metaverse.’ Christian highlights the importance of community work and the value of sharing passion and inspiring others in the tech industry as a Microsoft MVP. Their enthusiasm and dedicated support will be a great help to those who are about to step into the tech industry.


If you know someone who is interested in the tech industry and hesitates to take the first step, we recommend you encourage them and invite them to your community. Whether you are an MVP or not, you can help our future leaders by sharing your technical knowledge and experiences as Zaid and Christian did. By doing so, you will be able to be a contributor for making a better tech industry with more diverse people and delivering a better society.



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