Microsoft Build 2024 with MVP Communities
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Microsoft Build took place May 21 to 23, 2024, bringing the latest AI innovations to technology users worldwide. This year's Microsoft Build showcased a variety of updates focusing on Microsoft AI and Copilot, with the announcement of Copilot+ PC just before the event, offering attendees a firsthand look at new developments from solutions to devices in the AI era.


Like last year, Microsoft Build 2024 was a hybrid event, welcoming numerous Microsoft MVPs and Regional Directors (RDs) from around the globe in person and virtually. In this blog post, we highlight some unique experiences and contributions of MVPs and RDs at the Seattle event venue.


Exclusive Program Experiences

To enhance the conference experience for our global community leaders, we offered several special engagement opportunities. Here are a few examples:


  • MVP Connect at Microsoft Build: We hosted MVP Connect, a special event for MVPs and RDs visiting Seattle. This gathering allowed 55 MVPs and RDs to meet in person, share updates on the MVP/RD program, learn about the latest Microsoft products and services, and engage in sessions led by fellow MVPs. This provided a unique opportunity for community leaders and program members to connect and interact in person.
  • Special Seats at Keynote: For an exclusive event experience, special seats were reserved for MVPs and RDs at the keynotes of Microsoft Build. It allowed attendees to bypass the general attendee line and see executive speakers close-up.

MVP Connect.jpgMVPRD Special seat.jpg


MVP/RD Participant Engagements

To bring MVP/RD expertise to a wider audience, we collaborated with them in various initiatives that helped shape Microsoft Build.


  • Expert Meetup: Throughout the three-day event, nearly 70 MVPs and RDs interacted with attendees as experts. These discussions, based on seven core topics and MVP/RD technical knowledge, provided valuable advice for participants on future technology utilization, supporting attendees’ event experience.
  • MVP-Delivered Demo Sessions: Nearly 20 MVPs and RDs conducted demo sessions covering topics including AI, Copilot, Power Platform, GitHub, and more. These sessions captivated participants, offering a fresh, community leader’s perspective on utilizing these products and services.
  • Instructor-led Lab Proctoring: To support participants' learning, 12 MVPs and RDs served as proctors in instructor-led lab sessions. Many MVPs assisted in multiple labs, helping numerous participants gain hands-on experience with new technologies.
  • MVP Insights: 14 MVPs and RDs joined interviews with Microsoft Build hosts on the main stage in the Hub. These interviews were broadcast to the virtual audience during interstitial segments and highlighted the Microsoft Build announcements MVP and RD interviewees were most excited about.

EMU.jpgMVP Insights.jpg


The various activities featured above provided MVPs and RDs with more than just a typical conference experience. They not only learned about the latest technologies but also inspired participants by sharing their unique insights. We thank all participants and contributors for making these initiatives a success!


Following the excitement of new announcements at Microsoft Build, MVPs and RDs have been organizing community events to share their learnings. Those interested in learning from community leaders about the latest technologies can join various MVP/RD-led community events. Here is an example of an event information platform where you can find these events, MVP Communities Event Search:


For those looking to further enhance their AI skills, the Microsoft Learn Challenge: Build Edition is currently underway. This challenge runs until Friday June 21 and offers five learning opportunities to dive deeper into Azure AI, Microsoft Fabric, GitHub Copilot, Copilot for Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Copilot Studio. Join any challenge that interests you to expand your skills.

Microsoft Learn Challenge Build Edition.jpg


To learn more about Microsoft Build, please visit the following websites.

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Build on Microsoft Learn (Microsoft Learn)

Microsoft Learn Challenge: Build Edition (Microsoft Learn)

The challenges end on June 21, 2024, at 4:00 PM UTC


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