Memorable Community-Led Microsoft Mesh Launch Events
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Microsoft Mesh is a technology which transforms remote interactions, rendering them akin to face-to-face experiences, thereby elevating productivity, digital presence, and interactivity to the next level. Anyone can elevate collaborative experience with immersive 3D spaces within Microsoft Teams. It enables dynamic team meetings, brainstorming sessions, and networking events, tailored for both large enterprises and small businesses, offering a distinctive platform for engagement and connection.


In honor of Microsoft Mesh's launch on January 24, 2024, two Mixed Reality MVPs in Germany, Zaid Zaim and Christian Glessner, orchestrated influential events that resonated with both local and global tech communities in partnership with ignore gravity, Hololux, Malt Community, iLoveMesh, Metaverse Playground, and Unity Developer community Germany.


January 30, 2024: Beyond Reality - Metaverse and AI Developers Hangout {Berlin}

The event served as a vibrant platform for artists, game developers, technology, and AI experts to engage in enlightening dialogues and networking focused on the metaverse and AI realms. Featuring insightful sessions and expert speakers, including Christian Heilmann, Marc Plogas, Alexander Wachtel, Christoph Spinger, and Norbert Nemec the gathering highlighted the potential of XR and AI technologies.


MVP Zaid Zaim and Norbert collaborated to demonstrate Microsoft Mesh, redefining the hybrid work landscape with XR collaborative experiences, immersive workspaces, avatars, spatial audio, and interactive tools. They showcased the technology's ability to transform remote interactions into engaging and shared environments and provided insights into the developer workflow with Unity demos for creating effective interactive hybrid work solutions.


As an organizer, Zaim shares his insights gained from engaging with the participants, stating, "In addition to the main event program I enjoyed the side conversations with participants learning about projects and initiatives they drive. One of the participants is an entrepreneur who is developing a VR App for fashion, and it was fun to brainstorm how she can demonstrate her art in technologies like Microsoft Mesh.”


Zaim says, “XR/Metaverse and AI are currently the most trending topics,” and explains the impact this event had on the participants, “providing a foundation for people coming from these fields is highly important, enabling space for discussion and interaction between both areas. I love to follow this path: Inspire, Learn, Apply, and Experience!”


He continues, “This event offered content from experts from these areas. Participants had specific takeaways from the different talks and learned and connected with new friends. I enjoy supporting those interested and applicable to jump into the Microsoft technology stack. Finally, there are cool demos that people can try and experience. I felt very happy when my community members and speakers told me that it was worth spending time here!

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Picture Credits: Fares Al Shawaf


February 8, 2024: Microsoft Mesh Launch party (Recap)

In a vibrant showcase of immersive collaboration, two Mixed Reality MVPs, Christian Glessner and Zaid Zaim, led an unforgettable afterparty on Neon Planet hosted live in Microsoft Mesh. This event highlighted the endless possibilities of 3D experiences in the workplace and beyond. According to one of the organizers, Christian, this event inspired attendees by showcasing the possibilities available to creators, designers, and developers.


Christian and Zaid, renowned for their innovative spirit, played crucial roles in uniting technology enthusiasts and professionals within the XR/Metaverse communities all around the world. Their commitment to enhancing community engagement radiated throughout the event as attendees delved into the captivating world of Neon Planet, demonstrating the remarkable capabilities of Microsoft Mesh, like Physics and Visual Scripting in facilitating shared virtual environments.


The afterparty not only provided a platform for networking and discovery but also emphasized the significance of community in the digital age. Attendees left with new connections and inspirations, eager for future adventures in virtual spaces. Christian says, “They’ve enjoyed the experience. Instead of just talking about Mesh they were happy to jump in and discover the potential of immersive events firsthand.”


As the iLoveMesh community anticipates more events, the impact of the Launch Party remains clear: when technology meets community, the possibilities are boundless. Due to the visionary leadership of Christian and Zaid, the event stands as a beacon for future explorations in the metaverse, showcasing the power of collective innovation and engagement.

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Picture Credits: Carlos Austin


Zaid and Christian both anticipate reaching and assisting a larger audience in the future. Zaid says, “I’m looking forward to scaling up these events and multiply hosting these in different countries and cities and supporting tech communities to master their jump into XR and AI. I very much enjoy giving talks and workshops about these topics and am thrilled to engage further with topics NGOs and Women in Tech.”


Christian also shares outlook on current and future community activities, “I’m just on my iLoveMesh World Tour where I engage communities in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.”

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