Meet the Skilling Champion Frank Carius
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The MVP Program has a long-term commitment to skilling through technical communities. In this interviews series focusing on skilling initiatives, we will be highlighting MVPs who actively contribute to the Skilling Program.


Frank Carius, Germany



Can you introduce yourself and describe your role as an MVP and in your profession?

“My name is Frank Carius, and I'm an MVP in the "M365 Apps & Services" category, which covers a broad range of services. Colleagues describe me as a "T-shape consultant" with a deep technical skill set in networking and communication, including messaging, email, Lync, Skype, Teams, and Microsoft 365. I have been working in this field since 1988, starting with Word/Dos and MSMail. I provide consulting services for midsize commercial companies with a focus on Microsoft 365 adoption.

On my business card, I have the title "Enterprise Consultant," but I also see myself as a problem solver and a discoverer of solutions for future challenges.”


Why is skilling important to you, and how do you contribute to skilling the broader community?

“Skilling is crucial because it's all about knowledge. Learning and sharing knowledge with a community is essential for professional growth. I share my expertise on my webpage, which has about 3000 HTML articles (approximately 20,000 printed pages). My platform is free, and it doesn't require registration or include advertising, except for my company. I also post a few YouTube videos on key topics such as Hafnium. My goal is to publish useful information that helps people troubleshoot and solve their problems, find better solutions, and share their findings. The community's feedback and questions often teach me new things as well.”


How do you share your knowledge and skills with others?

“I primarily share my knowledge through my webpage, which provides a structured format for readers. I also create a few YouTube videos, but I prefer to update written pages because they're easier to fix. I tell people that I write for myself and use as my public notepad daily. If others benefit from it, that's great.”

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