IT Career Panel Talks for Youth by MVPs in Korea
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When taking the first step to start something new, many people seek for reliable information and deep dive into the specific topic. However, some of them may lose their way due to a lack of appropriate guidance to the goal. One of the best ways to move forward is learning from professional experts in the area in which you are interested.


In Korea, 20 MVPs having rich experience of using Microsoft technologies organized an event “IT Career Panel Talks for Youth by Microsoft Korea MVPs“ and reached out to young people who have aspirations to grow with technologies and/or enhance career development in the IT industry.



This event consisted of the three focus areas including, Software development, IT Professionals & Cloud Specialists, and Smart Office and Automation Specialists. More than 50 people in their 20’s to mid-30’s gathered and learned from MVPs’ real experiences of how they have been building their career with Microsoft technologies.



Everyone was a beginner once. All of the MVP panelists in this event shared their stories of exploring their professional journey. They learned by themselves and from others, overcame hardships, and achieved many milestones in their career. These stories inspired the young audience, who are excited to upskill their career with exciting technologies.


Here are some key messages from our MVP panelists that can inspire your career journey also.


Youngdae Kim (Microsoft Azure MVP)

Youngdae is a Korean Microsoft Azure MVP who catches up with the latest technical information and shares helpful updates of Azure and cloud technologies on his Facebook group like his daily routine before work. He joined this event as a panelist to empower young people, even under the difficult situation that youth unemployment rate is at a very high rate, then ever before.

He looks back on this initiative, saying “it was a great event. We need more opportunities that young people access helpful information frequently, and personally, I have decided to commit more to one of my important values, growing together, in my activities.”



“These are two principles I emphasize every time I host the job interview.

Firstly, technology domain we should learn is so vast, and technologies are not evolving for independent use but by the synergistic structure through integration between each technology. Do not study alone, I recommend continuous learning and sharing with relevant technical community. Secondly, being an expert of specific technology area is a long journey. Keeping balance between mental and physical health is highly important.”

Bora Lee (Developer Technologies MVP)

Bora is an active community leader in multiple roles: Developer Technologies MVP, the director of Women Who Code Seoul, a public speaker, and a core contributor of the Modern JavaScript Tutorial Korean version. She shared insights from questions from attendees and answers from the MVPs who have been working in the IT industry longer than her. “It was a valuable time to learn how skillful people study and build careers.

This collaboration with MVPs and the Community Program Manager, Soyoung Lee, gave Bora a chance to dream of a brighter future. “Someone's presence alone can be courageous. Even I am busy for work and sometimes get criticized, sharing my honest experiences on stage will help expanding the diversity in the IT fields.



“Never give up. Your success will give courage to the next young generation. The technologies like AI and the people like you valuing the growth mindset will bring a much more abundant future.”

David Hyeshik Yoon (Microsoft Azure MVP)

David is the Microsoft Azure MVP who grabbed attendees’ attention by talking about his stories. He knows how young people are passionate about growing through running an IT camp, CTCL (Continuous Teaching and Continuous Learning), with mentors having various background.

According to David, his mentees who learned from mentors at the CTCL have been unlocking the career potential, such as being hired at emerging IT companies. “Our continued support through this event, IT Career Panel Talks for Youth by Microsoft Korea MVPs, will bring a good result and help young people,” he adds.



“Since many IT experts in the MVP community are open-minded and help others, I hope that young people who choose a career in the IT industry can contact and communicate without hesitation to develop their capabilities.

If you quickly find a shortcut to learn skills from the best experts in the industry, your wandering will be reduced, and you will be able to achieve your dreams quickly.”

Mina JIN (Business Applications MVP)

Business Applications MVP, Mina JIN, related to the real issues, challenges and opportunities experienced by university graduates and bachelors in the technology sector. “I realized the pending issues of society and job market,” she adds.

Mina has been engaging with students through three technical communities she is running, Power Platform, RPA Korea User Group, and Fusion Dev Korea. Not only did her actual observations in her career provide inspiration, but also her learnings through supporting students helped young people gathered in this event to move forward to the next step with their technology career.



“You can explore this extraordinary and vast world as the technology keeps changing dynamically. Technology will be able to expand the blue ocean where you can make your inspiration reality. You can be an effective messenger bridging between the real world and metaverse which require imaginations.”

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