Humberto’s AI Journey With MS Learn
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For more details on the project, you can find Humberto’s story here and Learn Collection here.


In May, MVPs from across the world took part in the MVP Global Cloud Skills Challenge (The MVP Challenge). MVPs participating in the challenge competed on a global stage while exploring new learning areas and sharing the process with the rest of the community. MVPs explored new areas of learning, specifically in Azure Data & AI, Business Applications, and M365, through MS Learn.


We sat down with one of the competition winners, Humberto Jaimes, to dive into his many hours and modules of Artificial Intelligence study. Humberto is a five-time MVP hailing from Mexico City. The C# developer counts experience in financial apps using WPF and Xamarin, and is also the founder of the Devs Xamarin Users Group in Mexico City.


Humberto was driven to take part in The MVP Challenge after recently passing the exam: AI-102 Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution. Despite his success, Humberto shared that he was not entirely satisfied with the results, and that there were certain questions about Cognitive Search and Bot Framework Compose that he didn’t know how to approach.


“I noticed that the content of the MVP Cloud Skill Challenge included all of the modules that are recommended for the AI-102 exam - and that motivated me to study the 42 modules of the challenge,” Humberto said. “Also, with the commitment to invest at least 25 hours to review free material on AI, I simply could not waste all of that effort and I decided to share it with my community.”


“I have been participating in the Microsoft Docs and Learn Champion and I love that there are more initiatives like the MVP Challenge where we can show the high quality of the Microsoft documentation and the Microsoft Learn modules,” Humberto said.


“Many times, people who want to learn are limited by the capabilities of their computers or by the need for an Azure account - and yet they don’t know that Microsoft Learn offers them free virtual environments with everything they need to practice. During the MVP Challenge, I tried to show how easy it is to learn using these environments.”


The hard work clearly paid off as Humberto was named as one of the winners of the challenge: “I'm very surprised and happy to be one of the winners of the MVP Challenge, it's very motivating that Microsoft recognizes the work we do with communities.”


“I would of course participate again. It was a lot of fun to participate in the challenge where I was improving my skills and at the same time sharing those skills with the members of my communities. In addition, I learned a lot by reading the stories of my fellow MVPs.”


For more on Humberto, check out his blog and Twitter @HJaimesDev

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