Hispanic Heritage Month: MVPs Foster Knowledge Beyond Borders
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There is an undeniable difference when it comes to the spoken language of Spanish and the written language of Spanish.


Despite more than 400 million native Spanish speakers throughout the world, only four percent of the internet is in Spanish. English, meanwhile, accounts for less native speakers worldwide but more than 60 percent of the information on the internet.


In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month September 15 to October 15 we’d like to highlight an online publication which is working to close this idiomatic gap and foster technical knowledge for IT professionals in Spanish.


The CompartiMOSS Magazine was founded in 2008 as a home for Microsoft SharePoint information in Spanish. The publication’s two founders residing in Europe and Latin America wanted to go beyond borders and provide technical information to users in a language other than English. 


The magazine sought to support the adoption of SharePoint Knowledge in Spanish-speaking countries and provide an open platform for worldwide technical experts and community leaders to contribute.


Over time, the magazine expanded its technical focus to include other Microsoft technologies including Office 365, Azure, and more. The founding principles of the magazine, however, remained to provide original articles from various authors in a free digital magazine every quarter.


CompartiMOSS has since become a platform for technical experts to share interests, knowledge and experience, serving as a bridge for technical communities based in many countries. Moreover, there are also many article authors from European and Latin American countries who have been recognized with the MVP award during this time.


The CompartiMOSS management board counts four members, all of them current MVPs based in three different countries in Europe and Latin America: Gustavo Velez, Juan Carlos González, Fabián Imaz, and Alberto Diaz.


Despite the remote challenges we all face at this moment, CompartiMOSS is keeping true to its founding principles by offering a knowledge-sharing platform for high-quality technical information in Spanish language, available to everyone. 

For more information on the publication, visit its website. 


Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

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