From Epilepsy To MVP
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In November, The MVP Blog is featuring members of our community who have experienced challenging times during COVID and how they managed to overcome and find the silver lining.


Fight your battles and never give up. This is the key message from Business Apps MVP Daniel Christian who is celebrating 10 years without seizures.


Based out of Concord, North Carolina, the tech enthusiast had suffered from epilepsy for most of his life. However, Daniel says that he never stopped pursuing a cure for his health condition.


“I actively pursued this for 26 years and finally, when the healthcare technology caught up, I went through a two-phase brain surgery. Now, I’ve been seizure-free since 2010,” Daniel says.


Earlier this year, Daniel shared his life story on YouTube while going through a 24-hour, mobile electroencephalography, or EEG, a test that looks to detect brainwave abnormalities.


Daniel says he hoped the video would serve as a source of inspiration for others as they fight their own battles.



“Sometimes your path will deviate a bit but that is okay, the important part is to keep moving forward!” he says.


“My advice is to lead by example. If you have a disability or chronic illness, then don’t hide it. Instead, speak about it. 


“In my case, I had seizures and there were occasions where I couldn’t control it and people did see it. However, that’s when I realized who my real friends were. They saw me for me and weren’t offended or embarrassed for my illness.”


In addition to his role as an MVP, Daniel is an active speaker and influencer at events and on social media, consistently demonstrating his passion for knowledge. Moreover, Daniel is recognized for writing blogs and videos in the Power Platform Community regarding the Power Platform and its integration with Azure Cognitive Services, OneDrive, SharePoint and SQL.


For more about Daniel, check out his YouTube channel.

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