Friday Five: Excel, Automation Tips, More!
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Excel Podcast #31: How to become an Excel Expert in 2022 and stand out from the crowd!

John Michaloudis is the Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer at My Excel Online. He is an Amazon #1 bestselling author (101 Most Popular Formulas, 101 Ready To Use Macros and 101 Best Excel Tips & Tricks), sought-after speaker, and teacher of Microsoft Excel & Office over at his flagship Academy online course. For more, check out his Twitter.


Automating my home setup: turning on the lights when the camera is in use

Rob Bos is a Developer Technologies MVP and DevOps consultant from The Netherlands. Rob is typically working with anything DevOps related to improve flow. As a Global DevOps Bootcamp team member, he loves to automate large setups for the yearly event and uses any tool to get things done. For more on Rob, check out his Twitter @robbos81


Building micro services through Event Driven Architecture part18 : Securing Query HTTP API using Azu...

Gora Leye is a Solutions Architect, Technical Expert and Devoper based in Paris. He works predominantly in Microsoft stacks: Dotnet, Dotnet Core, Azure, Azure Active Directory/Graph, VSTS, Docker, Kubernetes, and software quality. Gora has a mastery of technical tests (unit tests, integration tests, acceptance tests, and user interface tests). Follow him on Twitter @logcorner.


Static Web Apps SPA Handle 404 Page Not Found

Oscar Garcia is a Principal Software Architect who resides in South Florida. He is a Developer Technologies MVP and certified solutions developer with many years of experience building software solutions. He specializes in building cloud solutions using technologies like AWS, Azure, ASP.NET, NodeJS, AngularJS as well as BI projects for data visualization using tools like Power BI, Tableau and JMP. You can follow Oscar on Twitter @ozkary or his blog at  


#Microsoft Windows Server and SMB Protocol #Winserv #WindowsServer2022

James van den Berg has been working in ICT with Microsoft Technology since 1987. He works for the largest educational institution in the Netherlands as an ICT Specialist, managing datacenters for students. He’s proud to have been a Cloud and Datacenter Management since 2011, and a Microsoft Azure Advisor for the community since February this year. In July 2013, James started his own ICT consultancy firm called HybridCloud4You, which is all about transforming datacenters with Microsoft Hybrid Cloud, Azure, AzureStack, Containers, and Analytics like Microsoft OMS Hybrid IT Management. Follow him on Twitter @JamesvandenBerg and on his blog here.

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