Founders Hub: A Launchpad for Innovation
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Digital badge is a system for electronically proving qualifications and learning histories, but it is important to prevent fraudulent use and enhance reliability. To achieve this, ET Badge, a popular digital badge platform in Hong Kong, has been working on the development of the Azure-based ETrustChain.


Ejoe Tso, a Hong Kong Microsoft Azure MVP who leads the development of advanced solutions using the latest technologies, as introduced in an article here last month, AI Guide Dog: How Technology Boost Accessibility, helped launch that new solution. Besides, leading a partnership with Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, a program that Microsoft has provided to support startups worldwide, he has also boosted the development.


“Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub is a launchpad for innovation,” Ejoe states. In this blog post, we will introduce his team's EtrustChain development with the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub program.

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Reflecting on this development experience, Ejoe says, "As part of the collaboration with Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, ET Badge has received sponsorship in the form of Azure credits. The partnership has played a crucial role in the creation of its advanced credential verification platform, ETrustChain. This platform utilizes Microsoft Azure technology to effectively address the issue of counterfeit credentials."


Next, we will introduce the key features of ETrustChain enabled through Microsoft Azure.

Decentralized Architecture

Ensures that digital credentials are distributed across a network, eliminating single points of failure.

Smart Contract Functionality

Employs Azure's blockchain services to automate the issuance and verification process of digital badges.

Scalable Infrastructure

Azure's cloud computing capabilities allow ET Badge to scale resources according to demand, maintaining performance and user experience.

Security and Compliance

Adheres to stringent data protection standards, including GDPR, by leveraging Azure's comprehensive security features.


Ejoe highlights the essential support received from Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, particularly through the provision of Azure credits, which were instrumental during the development of key features. He says, ”ETrustChain is a testament to the fusion of ET Badge's vision and Microsoft Azure's robust technology infrastructure. The framework utilizes blockchain's decentralized nature to create a secure, tamper-proof system for issuing, storing, and verifying digital badges. For ET Badge, the Azure credits received through this program were pivotal in building and scaling its ETrustChain platform to meet the rising demand for secure and verifiable digital credentials. Thanks to Azure credits, ET Badge could leverage high-caliber resources to ensure the platform's reliability, scalability, and security.”


Enhanced user trust achieved through EtrustChain made a positive change, and ET Badge is now widely utilized across various use cases. These include an internship recognition solution that ensures safe verification and acknowledgment of skills, the Smart Elderly Solution for securely managing staff and patient records, and Jumpstarter IdeaPop 2023, a virtual platform for idol fans to securely manage IDs and transactions.


Remarkably, the ET Badge has won several awards, including the Merit Award at the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards 2022, the Champion title at the Alibaba Jumpstarter 2022, and the Bronze Medal Award at the 3rd Asia Exhibition of Innovations and Inventions. Ejoe proudly speaks of these achievements as "These achievements underscore the platform's excellence in innovation and its significant impact on the credential verification industry."


Pictured Above Ejoe Tso, a Hong Kong Microsoft Azure MVP


Ejoe has brought a new solution to the world, powered by his own ideas and technical skills, as well as a strong partnership with Microsoft for Startup Founders Hub, which supports growing startups. So far, we have mainly introduced the ET Badge and the Azure credit benefit that supported its development. However, Ejoe has also shared his experiences and the secrets to the business growth regarding another aspect of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub. He says, ”Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub is an initiative designed to support startups at every stage of their journey. By providing access to technology, coaching, and support, it enables emerging businesses to scale and succeed in a competitive landscape.”


If you're nurturing a startup idea that hasn't fully developed yet, the Microsoft for Startup Founders Hub could be an invaluable resource. This program offers comprehensive support to help your startup grow, including the chance to forge new connections with other emerging companies. Moreover, you'll have access to the Expert Network, where seasoned professionals, including Microsoft MVPs and Regional Directors, are ready to share their technical and business acumen to fuel your passion and progress.


The program offers complimentary enrollment, welcoming anyone with a novel idea to participate. Emulating Ejoe's aspiration to contribute positively to society through innovative products and services, you are invited to register and personally discover what the program has to offer. To gain a deeper understanding, please view our YouTube Playlist titled "Founders Hub Tips and Tricks," which provides comprehensive details about the program.

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