The MVP Global Cloud Skills Challenge: Dynamic 365 and Power Platform
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This May’s MVP Global Skills Challenge was formed of three learning paths, and in this blog, we’re going to look at three MVPs who chose to develop their learning in Dynamic 365 and Power Platform. The challenge required participants to explore a new learning area and develop their skills with the help of the Microsoft Learn platform.


Jaesok Lee


Jaesok Lee, an MVP in AI, took part in all three learning paths. For the Dynamic 365 and Power Platform challenge, Jaesok completed the Dynamics 365 Fundamentals certification exam. “I had already learned some of the Dynamic 365 and Power Platform parts, and there were other modules that I saw for the first time,” said Jaesok.


“In this MVP challenge, there were a lot of sub-modules. The terminology was unfamiliar and somewhat difficult to understand,” he said. “I realized there was so much to learn.”


Check out Jaesok’s blog on his involvement in all three learning paths of the MVP challenge here.


Kevin Chant


Kevin Chant is an MVP in the Data Platform category. As part of the challenge, Kevin completed 40 modules in Microsoft Learn related to accessibility, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.


“I decided to go about learning more about these three areas for the MVP Challenge because I’m interested in the Power Platform. In addition, I wanted to learn more about Dynamics 365 so that I could confidently talk about it in conversations,” said Kevin.


Kevin found the accessibility modules to be helpful in thinking more inclusively. “I highly recommend going through the modules about accessibility to anybody who works in technology. Because they make you think about how you do things on a daily basis. Plus, it shows how you can be more inclusive of people with all abilities.”


Kevin found the Dynamics 365 content to be an eyeopener, realizing how much the different applications have to offer for businesses.


“Going through these modules made me realize how some companies are working better. For example, whilst going through the Dynamics Customer Service components I could visualize how support desk agents I call might be using it,” he said.


Kevin was excited to get into the Power Platform modules, in particular, those within Power BI. “Whilst completing this collection I got to find out more about Microsoft Dataverse. Plus, I also discovered how they implemented Power Apps at Heathrow Airport,” he said.


Overall, Kevin enjoyed the challenge. “It was the first time I have a done a challenge like this since becoming an MVP last year and I really enjoyed it. Sometimes it is good to challenge yourself,” he said.


Check out his accessibility collection here, his Power Platform collection here, and his blog on the entire challenge here.


Matt Beard


Matt Beard is a Business Applications MVP who also took part in the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform challenge. A recently-awarded MVP, Matt was excited to delve into some new learning areas within Power Platform.


“Thinking back to Microsoft Learn, ironically, one of the things I learned about during this was how Learn itself works, it never occurred to me how I can make a collection of modules and pass them to others to them in turn learn,” he said. As a result of the challenge, Matt found he had some common subject matter with his Dad and was able to share what he learned with him through the Learn platform.


“This meant I was educating him on new things he could do but he was also being educated on the sort of things his son does for a job and that was quite an honour. We now have even more in common and respect for one another’s jobs,” he said.


Check out Matt’s Power Platform collection and his blog on the challenge.

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