Reconnect Series: Bob Umlas

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Get ready to Reconnect because this week in the hot seat is none other than Bob Umlas, a holder of 23 Microsoft MVP awards since 1994.


Hailing from Palisades, New York, Bob has been closely working with Microsoft Excel for decades. An accomplished author and teacher on the topic, Bob also offers free training to not-for-profits and community organizations.


Being part of the Microsoft family is an integral part of Bob’s identity, he says.


“Since I was an MVP for 25 years (the longest-running MVP in any product), I feel it's who I am!”


Before his retirement in 2019, Bob dedicated much of his professional life to working with Excel and furthering knowledge on the topic. “I worked for a major accounting company for 20 years and used Excel exclusively, often on workbooks with 50,000 lines of VBA code and 180+ worksheets, 50+ User forms,” he says.


More recently, Bob has been dedicating his time to teaching an online Master Excel class as well as writing the books Excel Outside the Box, and This Isn't Excel, It's Magic.


Bob encourages all who are currently serving as MVPs to contribute wherever they can to get the most out of the experience. The MVP veteran says he hopes to be renominated once more and host the Global Excel Summit in London next year.


When he’s not teaching others about Excel or looking for strange bugs within the program, Bob enjoys backgammon, guitar, magic, jokes, and table tennis.


See here for Bob’s latest blog, as well as here for one of his published books.

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