Quality > Quantity: How MVPs Champion Content Across Microsoft Docs
Published May 08 2020 06:45 AM 1,615 Views
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The problem with information on the internet is not quantity, but quality. There is simply so much content spread across the world wide web that it is often difficult to know where to look.


It is with this issue in mind that Microsoft turned to its MVPs to support its platform that gives the community access to authentic, deep, and official content – Docs.


While the greatest impact of MVPs in previous decades was in generating high-quality content, this is not the case today. Instead, there is an excess of content, meaning one of the biggest impacts for an MVP is in being able to point the community to the ‘right’ content. 


Hence, the CPM team sought to collaborate with the MVPs in foregrounding the best of Docs. Asia Pacific, India, Japan, Greater China, Germany and Australia-New Zealand CPMs set up a three-month pilot program from October 2019 to January 2020.


The pilot sought to test the hypothesis that MVPs could meaningfully consume Docs content through their community initiatives, and thereby increase awareness and adoption of Docs, as well as Learn.


Over the three months, the program focused on encouraging MVPs to explore the resources available on both platforms and create their own user/scenario-based content on their preferred channels. 


Once the viewers on these channels consumed the MVP content, they would then be directed back to Docs and Learn. The pilot proved that MVPs and RDs found tremendous value in Docs content and were very enthusiastic in sharing it with their communities.


The pilot was a huge success, driving more than 55,000 Unique Visitors and enabling almost 100,000 Page Views. The pilot saw active involvement with more than 850 designated URLs created, going to show that MVPs play a significant role in raising awareness on Microsoft’s primary documentation platform for end-users, developers, and IT professionals.


“I'm really glad to have participated in this pilot. It really helped me to find out how to complete my blog postings by adding details from Docs and Learn,” said one MVP.


“It was great to have the opportunity to get to know more about all resources available on MS Docs and support MS on a new activity,” another MVP said.


Thanks to the tremendous success of the pilot, the CPM team is now looking to roll out this program across the globe and make this collaboration available to all the MVPs who would like to participate. 


“I think this project is a fantastic way to showcase an MVP’s contribution to the community. I am looking forward to more like it,” one Indian MVP said.


Stay tuned for more information, and don’t forget to check out Docs and Learn for more.

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