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This month, The MVP Blog is shining a spotlight on some of the MVP community’s local initiatives around the world.


In Argentina, AI MVP Ivana Tilca, Azure MVP Pablo Ariel Di Loreto, and Developer Tech MVP Fernando Sonego have done great work creating a community to help teach AI to Spanish speakers.


As a group of Microsoft professionals, the three MVPs have a lot in common. All are eager to learn about new technologies and share their passion with others. That's exactly why they decided to create ConoSurTech, an initiative to teach essential computer skills.


ConoSurTech acts as a medium for sharing knowledge and skills in Spanish. "At our events, tech-savvy visionaries meet with those interested in learning more about new tools," reports Fernando.


With ConoSurTech, Spanish-speaking citizens in South America can learn how to develop software and AI. Often, teachers guide interested engineers in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and DevOps, among other programming skills. Further, the owners of the ConosurTech community recently organized an AI900 workshop and Azure900 training. 


The project facilitates certificates and diplomas that help participants build an integral resume for applying to the tech economy and innovative companies. As a result, most either find a new job or get access to better job opportunities. Overall, the project helps develop the necessary skills to help fuel technological innovation and economic growth across the continent – for free.


Pablo explains: "We love creating a space where people can talk to each other, have discussions, workshops, and have a hands-on dynamic around the latest tools, topics, and technologies."


In addition to live training sessions, ConoSurTech documents all materials and makes them available as a knowledge resource so that anyone can access new knowledge and tools.


"We love to motivate, and we share a passion for changing people, for learning, and for being in a learning environment. For us, teaching is a job with a lot of variety, but definitely a way to serve our community," Pablo emphasizes.


"Our students always thank us because we helped them get certified or find a job. Making a difference in people's lives motivates us to continue investing time in this work. Plus, we really enjoy it," closes Ivana.


Do you want to learn more about ConoSurTech? Get involved now and become part of a thriving tech community.


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