MVP Elijah Manor talks us through npm on the Ch9’s Five Things show!
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First published on MSDN on Aug 13, 2018

Microsoft’s Channel 9 Five Things series has done it again! Microsoft Cloud Developer Advocate , Burke Holland , sits down with MVP Elijah Manor to bring you Five Things that you might not know about npm. Whether you are tired of answering questions when you do npm init, or lose track of what script you have in your package.json, or perhaps you are installing globally, well then this episode is for you!

Check out the full episode here on the top npm tips and tricks.

Five Things is a show on Channel 9 about JavaScript, Node and all things web. Each episode features an honored guest interviewed by a range of hosts (many frequently bald!) to give viewers five things about the hottest industry topics, tools and frameworks. Episodes often feature our very own talented MVPs, so be sure to tune in! To watch all 25 episodes, including the most recent about CSS click here !

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