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One of Microsoft’s annual flagship conferences, Microsoft Ignite, was back in Seattle in October 2022. Many people were excited about this in-person experience and gathered in Seattle from the world to learn about the latest Microsoft technologies and innovative solutions. They also enjoyed face-to-face conversations with business leaders and community experts to celebrate their reunion with each other. Of course, this event welcomed global attendees beyond the physical location by delivering online sessions. Moreover, Microsoft hosted six Regional Spotlight events in the UK, China, France, Germany, Japan, and LATAM.


Microsoft Ignite collaborated with Microsoft MVPs and offered MVP-led sessions and discussions. Thanks to MVPs who have community leadership, deep technical knowledge and market needs, Microsoft successfully provided diverse contents to a wide range of attendees.


In this blog, we featured four MVP speakers who hosted Table Topics sessions and Expert Meet-up sessions in Global Community Zone.


Global Table Topics sessions


Developer Technologies MVP in Canada Hamida Rebai joined this event to learn about new products and the most impactful changes. She ran a Table Topics session on Transform your organization with the container as a cloud Strategy and led a live online discussion. She says, “The concept is interesting because the attendees can tell us about their best practices by turning the microphone on or putting messages in the chat.”



Microsoft Azure MVP in Canada, Tidjani Belmansour, joined this Microsoft Ignite and hosted a Table Topics session, An open discussion about migrating your workloads to Azure. Tidjani shares his excitement about being a part of this event as a speaker and says speaking at the event that he loved was so surreal. “Nothing is ever impossible. If you would tell me 10 years ago that I would speak at Ignite, I would have probably not believed you!”


Both of them moderated Table Topics discussions to ensure attendees shared their ideas to others as well as learning from others. Tidjani shared his learning from this opportunity, “Keeping open discussions and welcoming everyone into the discussion (no matter their experience on the topic) results in enriching discussions where we all learn from each other and grow as a community.” Hamida Rebai adds “Table Topics is a place to share best practices with real use cases presented by attendees, we discussed different approaches or how resolved specific problems in some cases through constructive discussion.”


Hamida Rebai emphasizes that Table Topic session which encourages attendees to exchange ideas each other is not similar to presentation with QA which requires using material. If you would like to learn further and have additional fun at conference, joining a Table Topics discussion to be a part of discussion is one of the best practices.


Global Expert Meet-up sessions


I actually really loved the Expert Meet-ups, I got the chance to meet with customers who had different scenarios and use cases I was able to provide guidance and information, that not even the people on the product team knew how to answer.

Diana Carolina Torres Viasús, Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP in the United States, helped two Expert Meet-up sessions, Expert Meet-up: Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare and Expert Meet-up: Microsoft Cloud for Non-profit. “But at the same time, it was really cool to meet Microsoft employees in the Product Group and let them know what I have been doing and the community's efforts towards the improvement of the product,” says Diana.


Ivana Tilca.png

AI and Microsoft Azure MVP Ivana Tilca loved this Microsoft Ignite that featured a lot of MVPs as professionals and enabled them to share knowledge. “Also, Microsoft employees who delivered the sessions with me shared on what they were working. I had the opportunity to talk about how we can help them to spread the words with the community.


Ivana visited Seattle from Argentina and joined two Expert Meet-up sessions, Expert Meet-up: Azure Machine Learning and Expert Meet-up: Azure Cognitive Search, and one Table Topics session, How automation and AI can help your business. She met a lot of the MVPs from Europe and the United States. She did it all through her decision to step out of her comfort zone, “I was pretty scared about going to the event, I thought I was not an expert enough. But once I arrived at the event, I had a lot of fun. Just tried to help customers with my experience and had the opportunity to connect with a lot of them after the event.”



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