Friday Five: Group Sharepoint, SQL Server Data Migration, And More!

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Using Apache JMeter™ to perform load testing for the Azure App Service that requires Azure AD authen...

Kuniteru Asami is an Azure MVP and core staff member of the Japan Azure User Group. Kuniteru has been providing technical consulting for Microsoft Azure for more than 10 years since its initial release. Moreover, the Japanese Azure expert is the CEO of a company with six Azure MVPs on its staff. Follow him on Twitter @kunyami


How can I protect static files with authorization on ASP.NET Core?

Jun-ichi Sakamoto is a Japanese MVP for Developer Technologies. The 10-time MVP title holder specializes in C#, ASP.NET, Blazor, Azure Web Apps, TypeScript. Jun-ichi’s publication of NuGet packages - like Entity Framework Core, helper, testing tools, Blazor components, and more - have been downloaded more than 18 million times. For more on Jun-ichi, check out his Twitter @jsakamoto



Asma Khalid is an Entrepreneur, ISV, Product Manager, Full Stack .Net Expert, Community Speaker, Contributor, and Aspiring YouTuber. Asma counts more than 7 years of hands-on experience in Leading, Developing & Managing IT-related projects and products as an IT industry professional. Asma is the first woman from Pakistan to receive the MVP award three times, and the first to receive C-sharp corner online developer community MVP award four times. See her blog here.


SQL Server Data Migration Tools and Services

Sergio Govoni is a graduate of Computer Science from "Università degli Studi" in Ferrara, Italy. Following almost two decades at Centro Software, a software house that produces the best ERP for manufacturing companies that are export-oriented, Sergio now manages the Development Product Team and is constantly involved on several team projects. For the provided help to technical communities and for sharing his own experience, since 2010 he has received the Microsoft Data Platform MVP award. During 2011 he contributed to writing the book: SQL Server MVP Deep Dives Volume 2. Follow him on Twitter or read his blogs in Italian and English.


Group SharePoint items by weekday (in the correct order)

Marijn Somers is an MVP for Office Apps and Services who has been active in various roles to help clients deliver successful collaboration and content management solutions for more than 14 years. These roles include project manager, presales engineer, evangelist, SPOC (Single-Point-Of-Contact), trainer, analyst and administrator. Marjin is the founder and owner of Balestra, an outfit which focuses on Microsoft Office 365 and specializes in governance and user adoption for collaboration and document management. Follow him on Twitter @MarjinSomers


Happy weekend everyone :smile:

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Hi, I am a BA doing a large data migration into a COTS product using a SQL backend.  The migration is being done using SQL scripting only.  Every time I run the scripts in the DEV environment it takes longer and longer to execute.  For example, scripts that were originally taking 2 minutes are now taking half an hour.  Scripts that were taking 2 1/2 hours are now taking 10 hours etc.  I have some scripts which were taking 10 hours which I am now too afraid to execute because of how long they are likely to take.  These scripts originally all worked fine, yet I am now getting failures.  If I execute against a small batch it is fine, but a larger batch and it fails.  It has to be the size of the batch - however the large batches worked fine originally.  So everything points to the SQL server not coping with the size.


I am very concerned that I am not going to be able to get past my DEV environment because everything is taking exponentially more hours to execute, so it is taking longer and longer to find each error and investigate.  Each error I do find is completely minor and easily fixed, but it is taking me days and days to locate them in the first place.


I have suggested to the in-house DBA that there may be an issue with SQL Statistics and log files and asked him to investigate at least truncating the log files.   I have absolutely no visibility of what he has done, however he has said that he has made 'configuration changes' yet there is no reduction in the amount of time it takes to execute these scripts.


Is there anything specific that you could recommend that I ask him to look at?




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