AI MVP ‘Storyteller’ Vlad’s Tutorial for AI developers
Published Jan 10 2023 12:30 AM 1,883 Views

Vlad Iliescu is the AI MVP in Romania who is a storyteller as well as a passionate community leader in sharing his ideas and tips on his website.



Vlad recently published his latest technical blog, How to run Stable Diffusion Web UI on Azure ML compute instances. He says, “Stable Diffusion has opened a new way of creating art to the masses, much more accessible than models locked behind APIs.”


This blog shows how-to run AUTOMATIC1111’s Stable Diffusion Web UI on Azure Machine Learning compute instance. “Having had experience with Azure ML Compute Instances in the past, and knowing about the new Azure ML CLI, I wanted to see how easy it is to set up Stable Diffusion on Azure Machine Learning compute instances, using the CLI as much as possible. It certainly made me appreciate the whole ecosystem of infrastructure built around Azure Machine Learning.”


For active learners who would like to learn more about his technical area, he recommends the official documentation: “I found the Azure Machine Learning documentation to be an invaluable resource, I generally start there for any issues I have, it’s just too good.”


Regarding Vlad’s self-introduction as ‘a storyteller’ on his profile page, we find it to be true by looking at his blog. Vlad writes not only technical tutorials with sample codes and screenshots but also explains the background of how the specific blog content came about. It provides the reader with a fun learning experience and to blog readers it certainly feels like reading a story.


To catch up with the latest technical information from Vlad, we encourage you to go to the bottom of the page and subscribe to his blog.

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